Dance Moms Alum Mackenzie Ziegler Has Her Own Active Wear Line

Unfortunately for Mackenzie Ziegler, she had to leave the Abby Lee Dance Company and the show Dance Moms when her older sister Maddie Ziegler left to pursue her professional dance prospects. In all honesty, she got out just in time, before things really got crazy with Abby Lee Miller’s legal drama and subsequent prison time. But at the same time it does suck that she had to leave just when she could have had the spotlight on the team.

As much as she loves her older sister, Mackenzie has been put in her shadow for a long time. Now the younger sister is stepping out on her own with her own clothing line.

Mackenzie spoke to People about her active wear line at the store Justice. The 13 year old dancer and singer said, “Obviously, I love dancing, and I also wanted to incorporate some of my singing into it.” The article says that the line will have “tops, leotards, shorts, leggings, and more emblazoned with inspirational sayings like ‘Move to Your Own Beat’ and ‘I [heart]Music.'”

She said, “A lot of my supporters are dancers because of Dance Moms, so I like to incorporate the dancing. That makes sense.”

Adorably enough, Mackenzie cited her sister Maddie as one of her “biggest fashion influences” and included Zendaya on the list as well.

When was asked about her sister Maddie wearing the line, she said, “I’ll make her wear it.”

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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