Abby Lee Miller Maintains Innocence Before Prison Surrender And Insists She’s A Victim

Abby Lee Miller will self-surrender to prison and begin serving a one-year sentence for bankruptcy fraud on July 12. Instead of contrition, remorse, or humility after pleading guilty to hiding $750,000 in her bankruptcy filing, Abby continues to maintain her innocence and insist she’s a “nice Catholic girl” who was an unwitting victim of other’s financial schemes.

“It’s a little surreal. I know that I am not a criminal mastermind,” the Dance Moms star decried. “I listened to the wrong people. I trusted people.”

She also argued that so many of her educated, successful friends were shocked by news of her indictment, thereby proving her innocence. “They were shaking their heads like, ‘This is not Abby Lee Miller! She is not a criminal mastermind. She doesn’t even know how much money’s in her purse right now.’ And that’s the truth.”

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Abby blames herself on one count, though. She faults her own benevolence for the unintentional law-breaking. She was too concerned with creating amazing futures for her dancers to deal with finances.

“I just never had to take care of the money, so I didn’t. I put someone else in charge of that, and that was wrong,” she bemoaned. “I was so worried about the dancing and worried about these kids that aren’t my own kids and making stars and making them winners, I didn’t worry about my own win in business.”

Finally Abby is forced to confront reality. “So many things scare me,” she admitted. Like her creature comforts, of course! Will she be able to sleep in socks?! “Because my feet cramp. Yup, I know that may sound silly,” Abby acknowledged, “but that is an actual fear.”

And quite contrary to her Dance Moms persona, Abby doesn’t plan to practice her terrorizing tactics to intimidate some fellow prisoners. She was advised: “‘Keep your mouth shut, stay to yourself. If there’s an argument, if something’s going on, just look the other way, walk away.””

“That’s not me! That is not me – at all!” she conceded. What is ‘Abby‘ is getting right up into the mix, but her fellow prisoners won’t be Christi or Kelly, and the stakes are much higher than solos, pyramid pecking orders, or being ‘The Next Maddie‘.

Also, sucking up only endears Abby to dance moms. She hopes her fellow prisoners will stay very far away from her. She confessed to Extra! that she has serious concerns about “rape, molestation, sexual harassment” while locked up. “I don’t want anyone to think I’m patting myself on the back — I’m not,” she elaborated. “But I hope that, you know, they’re like, ‘Ewwwww…’ Maybe that’s something I shouldn’t worry about?”

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“I have to stay busy. If I thought about it every day, I’d just sit around and cry.” Well, maybe Abby will discover yoga like fellow reality star/convict Teresa Giudice did. Perhaps there’s a reality show in that… Teresa and Abby open a yoga studio to deal with post-prison life?! You know you’d watch.

Of life after release, Abby is flippant. “I don’t believe that people change. I think that I can learn from this, absolutely. ” Perhaps Abby should take a couple math classes while locked up?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]