Kate Chastain & Nico Scholly Reveal That Someone Gets Fired This Season On Below Deck; Kate Calls Ben A Selfish Diva

Unfortunately for Kate Chastain and Nico Scholly they have to deal with difficult crew members in addition to high maintenance charter guests this season on Below Deck. Aside from Captain Lee Rosbach, everyone on the show this season is new to reality TV and most of them are new to the yachting industry.

As frustrating as that must have been for Kate and Nico, it does give them a lot of interesting things to talk about while they do press to promote Below Deck’s latest season.

The veteran Below Deck cast members did an interview on The Morning Breath to discuss the season and some other cast gossip. When asked about the new chef Matt Burns, Kate said, “He doesn’t butt heads with anybody.” When asked about who they don’t like this season, Kate didn’t hesitate to say, “Bruno [Duarte],” which isn’t at all surprising based on the first couple episodes.

Nico and Kate revealed that someone gets fired this season, but they didn’t say who it was. Nico joked about the Captain handing out plane tickets to fired crew members: “Captain Lee likes to hand out  tickets. It’s his thing. If he’s not handing out a ticket at least one time in the season, I think maybe he’ll find a reason to.” Speaking of Captain Lee, Kate revealed, “He calls me once a week. It’s so cute.” Aaaawww.
Kate was asked what she would do if Rocky Dakota returned to the show and she said, “I always said Rocky was intelligent. I think if she took the right medication, she would go really far in life.” She also said, “I’ve heard she joined the circus,” which was apparently not a joke.
Just like almost every other interview, Kate was asked if she is still in touch with Ben Robinson. Kate said, “Every now and then. He’s just kind of a selfish diva, but I think he’s funny.” She also said that he is no longer dating Emily Warburton-Adams and explained, “Once that social media following dropped off because they were no longer relevant, there was no need for a relationship.” Damn.
When asked to name the “craziest guest request,” Nico shared, “to rub vaseline on her nipples. She was like, ‘they’re really chapped.'” Eeww. He also clarified that he did not actually go through with that task.

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From Bravo: “Chris Brown’s decision to nap during work hours finds him in the crosshairs with Captain Lee. Kate puts her stews through 101 training in order to get them ready for their next charter. The new guests prove to be a handful with indestructible livers and put the stews’ new training to the test. Kate meets a cute sailor she nicknames Jesus and has a midnight rendezvous on his boat during charter. Matt faces his first challenge of the season with sushi dinner and a tequila pairing while Bruno steps up to the plate by dressing down in his skivvies to impress the guests.”


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