As games of sand volleyball go, Kelly Dodd’s turned out to be one of the dirtiest. And Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lydia McLaughlin thinks no one is more to blame than Shannon Beador, who not only acted as Tamra Judge’s codependent extremely creepy “protector,” but chose to come unhinged all over Lydia about some under the table leg squeezing.

“What a mess,” reflects Lydia, who initially had high hopes for the volleyball party. (Really? Is she new here?!) “The day started out really fun. Doug and I love the beach and are always excited for some fun in the sun. However, because of my coffee date with Tamra, I knew she and Vicki [Gunvalson] were at odds.” So, Lydia only gleaned this information from her lunch date with Tamra? We knew that Tamra and Vicki were at odds just from living on planet earth!

Lydia describes her discomfort with Shannon hovering over Tamra before and during the confrontation with Vicki. “Seeing Tamra cry in Kelly’s kitchen was very hard for me. She seemed to me to be very torn. Tamra seemed like she wanted to move on, and Shannon didn’t want to allow her to do that. Shannon was telling Tamra ‘be strong’ and giving her a look that made me feel uncomfortable. Shannon doesn’t want Tamra to be friends with Vicki and has made that very clear. I just felt that if the sight of Vicki was making Tamra cry, she obviously has unresolved issues, and in my opinion, communicating is the key to moving forward.”

But there was no moving forward to be had between these two arch frenemies, and it seems there won’t be in the near future either. Lydia summarizes, “Obviously, it didn’t go well. Everyone was upset, and it was a nightmare. Vicki ended up storming off, and the rest of us were left to sit at the table and try to move on with the party. At that point, I was spent. It’s emotionally draining for me to see my friends cry and yell and storm off.”

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The drama didn’t end with Vicki’s exit, however! Because Shannon was all hopped up on Vicki-induced rage and needed to unleash it on someone before the day was through. But Lydia says she was confused and frankly exhausted by the constant Shannon-igans surrounding her. “When we are at the table, it seems to me like Shannon wanted to pick a fight and make the day all about her. She kept poking at Peggy [Sulahian], and even when the subject changed, Shannon brought up shade again to Peggy. Peggy felt so uncomfortable that she left the table. I quickly followed her and told Doug I wanted to go home. Why? Not just because everyone had been fighting but also because there was this underlying ‘mean girl’ vibe coming from Shannon.”

“While Tamra was asking me about my boobs,” continues Lydia, “Shannon was squeezing legs under the table. This isn’t something Shannon denies. Really, picture yourself at a table with your friends, and one of them is squeezing legs. What are we, 12? It made me feel like she was excited that I would somehow feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I was over it, and I was ready to go. But Shannon wouldn’t let me leave without a fight.”

Accusing Shannon of simply “wanting to pick a fight” with her, Lydia admits that all of the boob job talk embarrassed her. She finally had to cut Shannon off by walking away, but does admit she’s glad they (sort of) resolved things before leaving. “The only thing that got through to her is ‘I’m done with you.’ At that moment, I was done, and I wanted to leave. I’m actually glad I didn’t leave angry; we talked a bit more and even ended with a hug.”

Though Lydia and Shannon have had literally ZERO positive interactions thus far, Lydia somehow remains hopeful! She closes her blog with insinuations that their relationship might improve in the coming weeks. “I do wish Shannon all the best. I feel like I have been trying to connect with her, but there have been so many bumps in the road, and I have never experienced this with a new friend. While at coffee with Tamra, I say half-jokingly that I don’t like Shannon. It’s partly true because I don’t understand her, and I don’t like where our relationship is. Hopefully we can have a breakthrough soon.”


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