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Emily Simpson Is Getting Hip Replacement Surgery

Real Housewives of Orange County viewers have watched the marital issues between Emily Simpson and her husband, Shane Simpson, escalate this season. Shane stayed at a hotel supposedly studying for the California Bar exam, leaving Emily to work full-time and care for their children.

I cannot think of any reason why her husband stayed out of contact for 10 days. I wish that Shane would stay out of contact with RHOC viewers.  Can viewers somehow vote to keep him off camera? His alleged sarcasm is wearing thin. And spoiler alert–Shane failed the bar exam in February. Again. So Emily is still the only working attorney in the family.

Shane Simpson Real Housewives Of Orange County

Emily Simpson is one of those Housewives who doesn’t usually stir up a lot of drama. Sure, the Real Housewives of Orange County star threatened to kill Kelly Dodd last season, but that seemed to be an aberration. I think. Emily will stand up for herself when necessary, but she doesn’t vindictively go after castmates like Tamra Judge. She isn’t a needy attention seeker like Shannon “Bang the Gong” Beador. And you just know Emily would not let her life spiral out of control like chaotic Gina Kirschenheiter.

The one part of Emily’s life that appears out of place for this strong, accomplished attorney is her rather odd marriage to hubby Shane Lil’ Bitch Simpson. Shane is a snarky enigma, who often behaves more like a mean, annoying little brother than a loving husband to Emily. Busybody Tamra doesn’t think their marriage will withstand reality television. Emily, however, is standing by her man, through good times and bad. The bad includes Shane’s numerous failed attempts at passing the California bar exam.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Shannon Beador

Ahhhh… the Shannon Beador show is back on Real Housewives Of Orange County. We all knew this nice, thoughtful, peace-loving Shannon couldn’t last. Somebody moved a leaky faucet to her sanity corner!

Still, you gotta feel bad for Shannon. She tried to plan a relaxing trip to the exclusive Miraval so the women could find peace and serenity (now!), but she’s friends with people like Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. So it all went to pot – or should I say, dong. But first, sexxy.

Emily Simpson is headed to Vegas for her dance debut and Braunwyn Windham-Burke is joining her on the PJ. 

Real Housewives Of Orange County Emily Simpson

Well, you can take the Real Housewives Of Orange County out of the gilded prison that is the gates of Coto, but you can’t take the Coto out of the girls! Which means that on a supposed wellness retreat to the Miraval in Arizona, everything goes to pot. Or should I say… bowl.

Before seeking serenity, Kelly Dodd seeks financial freedom and security when she invests in a new health drink (with an ironic name) and heads to a wellness expo to practice her pitch on prospective buyers. 

Tamra Judge Shannon Beador

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge has been working overtime to save her Housewives orange. Ever since the “OG of the OC” Vicki Gunvalson was demoted, Tamra has been talking. A lot.

During an episode of RHOC, Vicki mentioned that she knew a terrible secret about Kelly Dodd, who was not present at that dinner. Tamra blurted out something about a train. Later that night, after Vicki departed, Tamra told the other Housewives that Vicki had told her that Kelly was part of a sex train with 8 guys. Way to toss Vicki under the train, Tamra.

Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County is starting to turn into a crime scene. Not a crime against fashion, although that is possible. This is more of a crime to stay significant. And the accusations are flying with a capital F You. Tamra Judge has been leading the way this season, but only because Vicki Gunvalson is now on the passenger’s side of the fun bus.

Vicki and Tamra have a sordid history between them. Tamra gained fame for over-serving a freshman Gretchen Rossi at a party. Then Tamra proceeded to watch drunk Gretchen dry hump her adult son’s leg. TAMRAAAH! evolved into, Ugh, Tamra… after that display. Oh and then there’s the angel Vicki. I fondly recall when Vicki “stood by her man” and alienated her family and co-stars as she defended her beloved who deceived literally everyone. About having cancer. Now, these two beacons of morality have decided to label someone as a liar.


Real Housewives of Orange County practicing attorney, Emily Simpson might need to hone her skills of observation. Let’s talk about the husband! Shane Simpson and Emily have been married since 2009 and have three super cute kids. But the stability of Shane and Emily’s marriage has been up for debate since Shane was introduced to the show.

Shane has a few quirks. He does not like loud people. He prides himself on his sarcastic quips. And his hairline is running away from his forehead. But who cares, love is love, right? Maybe? In this case, Houston, we could have a problem. Shane might not be the most attentive husband in the world. And he may not be able to pass the California state bar exam. But Shane probably has a few good qualities, somewhere. We are all very familiar with the fact that reality television can be unkind to marriages. Right now, Emily is going through it while watching how her spouse treats her on the show. Now we are learning, Emily isn’t the only one that has received harsh treatment from Shane. His ex-wife has a few stories of her own.

Vicki Gunvalson Says Shannon Beador Told Tamra Judge About Kelly Dodd Train Rumor

Tamra Judge has capitalized on Vicki Gunvalson’s (relative) absence during the current Real Housewives of Orange County season. She has thrown her “best friend” under the bus. Yet again.

Tamra claimed that Vicki was the one who revealed the train rumor about Kelly Dodd, giving Kelly even more vitriol against her nemesis. Strangely, Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, and Braunwyn Windham-Burke were present when TAMRA was the one who mentioned the word “train” and explained what it was. Yet here they are going along with the convenient narrative that Vicki brought this up during filming. Vicki has done a lot of terrible things on RHOC, particularly to Kelly, but she didn’t quite pull the trigger on this one. Yes, it was very obvious that she was in on an orchestrated plan to take down Kelly, but there’s more to it than that. Much more, and it’s not just about Tamrat.