Vicki Gunvalson Denies Involvement In Eddie Judge Rumors; Says Shannon Probably Blames Her For Climate Change

Vicki Gunvalson Denies Involvement In Eddie Judge Rumors; Says Shannon Probably Blames Her For Climate Change

The only thing funnier than a group of women wearing hashtag team t-shirts is Vicki Gunvalson still trying to maintain her innocence – in the cancer lies, the Eddie Judge lies, the general lies of a lying liar…you name it! While she may be the OG of the OC, this Real Housewives of Orange County star apparently has only one defense in her arsenal: Deny, deny, deny. Hey – it’s worked for her with Andy Cohen so far! And in all fairness, it’s worked equally well for so-called arch nemesis Tamra Judge too.

Vicki begins this week’s blog by reflecting on the “high emotions” she experiences every time Tamra someone accuses her of “blatant lies and fabricated truths.” She’d apparently like to act more like Peggy Sulahian and Lydia McLaughlin, who “stay calm when it came to Shannon [Beador] and the inter-workings of these group of women. I need to learn from them.”

Vicki sides with Lydia about Shannon blowing a thick cloud of drama into the atmosphere wherever she goes. She also thinks Shannon is preventing her from making up with Tamra. And she would be one hundred percent correct in that supposition! Tamra and Vicki deserve each other. Their messy and dysfunctional relationship will NEVER end. Shannon is merely hitting the pause button in a lifetime drama that will roll on until the end of time – long after Shannon has exited the Bravo building, in fact.

Vicki argues, “Lydia is right. Whenever you are around Shannon, there seems to be an energy where the mood changes immediately. I believe in all of my heart, that Shannon is one of the main reasons why Tamra and I have not been able to reconcile. What I don’t understand is Tamra has always been a strong opinionated woman, but as you can see when Shannon calls her name to ‘come here now’…Tamra crawled to her like a puppy who was being scolded. It was the strangest thing.”

Next, Vicki launches into a lengthy defense concerning the rumors that Tamra’s ex-BFF, Ricky Santana, alleged about Eddie. “I don’t like being in conflict and I’m tired of it. I am not responsible for what people say about one another, I am only responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I am not responsible for what Ricky revealed last week and I am not homophobic.”

Tamra if you are reading this – I will say it for the last time. I did not start this ‘rumor’ nor do I care about Eddie’s past. I did not ‘set Ricky up at my party to discuss about anything about Eddie‘. From what I have witnessed, I know you both love each other and that’s what is important. That’s it. I really don’t think it needs to be discussed any further and wish you would stop blaming me for this.”

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Fast forward to real time, and we know that Tamra (and Eddie) are not buying any of what Vicki is selling here. But Vicki is convinced she and Tamra could be besties again if she and her way too normal boyfriend Steve “met Tamra and Eddie for dinner alone without any outside influences, we may be able to have a meeting of the minds and put this anger and conflict aside.”

“What do you think?” muses Vicki. Um, I think you should not bring Steve as a hostage to this jacked up situation! #FreeSteve

Before closing her blog, Vicki ponders why Shannon hates her so very, very much. She snarks, “From what I see, Shannon believes I am responsible for everything, for global warming, climate changes, and I’m sure I am to blame for most recently the two devastating hurricanes and the fires in the Western US.”

Not to be outdone by Lydia or Tamra’s Bible study gang, Vicki ends by reminding us that she is a Christian too, so there! She writes, “As a Christian, forgiveness is one of the gifts we have as it is a new beginning and not looking back. I am really enjoying my friendships with Kelly, Peggy and Lydia along with their families. I hope Meghan [Edmonds] doesn’t go down the road of pot stirring.”


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