Shahs of Sunset Recap – Season 6 Episode 11: Shahs and the City

After the Shahs of Sunset have spent so much time talking about the new and improved Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, does anyone miss the old GG? You know, the one filled with knife-loving, hair-triggered rage and drama? If that’s the GG you have come to know and love, the good news is that she’s back this episode! The bad news is that all her crazy is overshadowed by all the crazy that her new boyfriend, Shalom Yeroushalmi, has to offer. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Before we get to that train wreck of a relationship, we still have to sort through another in the form of Mercedes “MJ” Javid and fiancé Tommy Feight. Last week ended with their epic fight about whether or not to knock her up, with Tommy simply asking for some more time for them to get healthy and grow up a little. Of course one would like to think that an engaged couple in their forties that’s been talking about having a baby for over a year would already have figured that all out but this is Shahs, people – don’t go expecting much.


After MJ told Tommy that she would just have a baby with one of the many men lined up waiting for the honor to impregnate her, one would think MJ and her dirty feet would be waking up alone but again, this is Shahs, people. Tommy, like one of the too-tight jumpsuits that MJ insists on wearing for every occasion, is hanging on for dear life. He wakes up, kisses the woman who just drunkenly screamed at him all night and calmly tells her that he just wants them to be healthy and they shouldn’t just have a baby all because MJ is in a fertility race she will never win with Asa Soltan Rahmati wakes up one day and decides it would be fun to get pregnant naturally. Despite still thinking this is all about her and what she wants, MJ finally gets it through her thick head that she does kind of need Tommy if she wants to have a kid. So she humors him by declaring they will start acting more like adults and immediately writes down their proposed plan to do so on her bedroom wall in colored chalk.


Mike Shouhed is visiting his lawyer to get one step closer to finalizing his divorce with ex, Jessica Parido. According to his lawyer, he just needs to sign a judgment saying they both walk away with their own assets. Mike hesitates in signing, remembering all the loving and special moments he had with his wife, presumably before he ruined it all by being a cheating dog. He finally signs and hands back the document, so of course, now Mike’s ready to recover from this emotional blow by hopping a flight to NYC to get wasted with those who are just as dysfunctional as he is.

The Shahs are going to Manhattan to see GG’s play and even Adam Neely managed to take off work to come this time. When they all arrive in the City That Never Sleeps, they find out they are staying at a sweet townhouse downtown, complete with a House Concierge, who can do all kinds of impressive things, like order their Chinese food.

Mike is ready to break open the Patron and also break open his feelings on Asa, who isn’t there and wasn’t even mentioned until now. We can all assume that at this stage in her pregnancy, she can’t fly (or she is the only one who has better things to do than watch GG’s dumb play) but this is now the second episode where she’s nowhere to be seen. I don’t know how Mike went from telling her how much he supports her at the Persian Market to angrily calling her a liar behind her back but that’s what he’s doing and only Adam comes to her defense, asking why he cares how she got pregnant.


Of course Mike doesn’t have a good answer for that but luckily, we don’t have to go down that road again and GG changes the subject to her and her play. Apparently, Shalom just found out that she is going to be kissing someone else and well, Shalom is not happy. But Reza Farahan isn’t taking the temperature of the room (or he just doesn’t care) and thinks now would be a great time to toast to GG and all of her happiness, which is only a few short minutes away from being blown to smithereens. Somehow, we are back to GG kissing another man on stage and Shalom turns into anything but peaceful, saying he’s not going to kiss her after she kisses someone else. He storms off, saying he’s leaving but Reza and MJ follow him incessantly, only fueling his misplaced (and honestly, kind of scary) anger. While he stomps around yelling profanities at the camera, Mike is downstairs playing the worst therapist ever and feeding GG gems like, “is your ego your amigo?”. Good god, Mike, please tell me you didn’t just make that up and you’re stealing it from some graphic t shirt your ex-wife is selling on her Instagram page.


MJ and Reza then talk to GG privately to offer up more horrible advice, encouraging her to do things the “Persian way”, which means lying to Shalom by telling him what he wants to hear and then doing whatever you want to do and hoping he doesn’t find out. GG thinks this is great advice and heads downstairs to talk to Shalom, who still has an attitude for the ages. Obviously this has to be super embarrassing for GG since her new man is basically controlling and disrespecting her in front of all of her friends and the cameras. The group gives them some privacy and Shalom is refusing to look at GG or engage in conversation, so GG has no choice but to roll out Lochnessa. She screams at him, telling him she can turn up and then flips a bunch of Chinese food bags off the table, which is a nice touch. Nothing says “don’t eff with me” like wasting a full container of Kung Pao Chicken. Shalom is in no mood and finally leaves for good, with a sling of his little leather backpack over his shoulder.


As GG heads off to bed, she gets a text from him, saying they need to talk. Turns out, talking meant proposing, because the next morning, GG is flashing a giant monstrosity of a diamond ring after Shalom plastered her face on a TV in Times Square and asked him to marry her. Everyone is congratulating her, completely forgetting about the fact that these two were ripping into each other just a few short hours ago. Only Mike has his eyebrows raised at the whole thing but figures they are two crazy peas in one big, crazy pea pod.


Reza and Adam go to meet with a rabbi, who happens to be Orthodox, gay and also had a child through surrogacy. He counsels them on what they are looking to gain out of raising a child in the Jewish faith and shares his own journey. Reza cries at the end, moved by his words and grateful to have had someone to talk to about all this.

At a more materialistic side of town, Mike brought MJ to his favorite jewelry store so he could get her a deal on a Cartier watch she has been talking about forever now. She haggles with the sales guy, who finally cuts her a deal on a watch for her and a Rolex for Tommy. Mike says MJ is the cheapest person he knows but MJ drops $12k+ on watches and we still haven’t confirmed if she has running water in her condo yet. What’s wrong with this scenario? Don’t answer that – it would take too long.

Now that Reza and Adam have talked spiritual journeys and MJ has plunked down too much money on jewelry, the gang meets up for lunch and Reza suggests since they are all getting along so well, they hire a party planner and celebrate winter. Seriously? They need to have a party to celebrate winter? OK clearly they are stretching for the season finale but whatever, everyone thinks that’s a great idea and suggest inviting family and dates too! Mike doesn’t have a date and doesn’t want to bring anyone he is sleeping with because according to the Book of Mike, there are only two types of women – those you sleep with and those you marry. Apparently he has plenty to sleep with and he thinks there is something that psychologically happens to women you sleep with if they meet your friends – they turn into women who are trying to date him and he can’t have that. All of this leads MJ to question if he’s over Jessica and while Mike beats around the bush about how they are in an awkward place but he will always love her, we realize the answer is no, he’s not over her. Reza encourages Mike to give it one last try and win her back but Mike stays silent, not really sure what to say or do.

Is this all foreshadowing for a possible Jessica reappearance by the end of the season?


We had to include this pic from last night’s episode. Tommy wins best dressed.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV