RHONJ’s Danielle Staub Tells Amy Phillips How Caroline Manzo’s Family Harassed Her Into Moving Away

She may be trying to leave her tarnished reputation behind on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, but Danielle Staub still has plenty of baggage from the old days weighing her down. Danielle recently described this tough period in her life on Amy Phillips’ SiriusXM show, claiming that Caroline Manzo and her family systematically harassed her so relentlessly after the infamous Teresa Giudice table flip, she had to move out of town.

“There was everything from bullying my children behind the scenes – remember, there were eleven of the Lauritas and all of them had children as well,” says Danielle, whose girls were “terrified” of the backlash they received at school. Caroline, who was originally a Laurita (along with sister Dina Manzo and brother Chris Laurita), was likely the ringleader of the harassment, according to Danielle.

Danielle goes to to describe the bus tours that would take RHONJ fans around town to all of the places the cast shot scenes at, but the bus only stopped at Danielle’s house as part of their tour. “I didn’t know who was running the tours, but I found out later that the Manzos were involved with that,” says Danielle, who told Amy that entire tour groups would unload into her lawn and jeer at her family.

After a group of thirty people visited her property one day, Danielle’s house was vandalized. “That night, my house got busted into,” she explains, “Massive front doors ruined – plowed through! $140,000 worth of security cameras ripped off the walls, ‘Prostitution Wh*re’ written all over the walls. My kids were terrified.” HOLY SMOKES!

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Danielle says nothing was stolen from her home that night, which leads her to believe is was simply an act of hate – and a threat to leave. “So we did [leave],” admits Danielle, “My daughters and I left and never looked back at the house, the house that they grew up in and the only home they ever knew.”

Despite basically being bullied right out of town, Danielle says she and her family are feeling secure and happy these days. “You know what, don’t be sad. Because I started over and I pulled myself up,” Danielle told Amy. She went on to say that her daughters are doing just fine now, as is she.

Whether the Manzos or Lauritas or just a pack of totally unhinged fans were behind this mess is still a question mark, but damn! It’s just reality television, people. Drastic backlash like this against any Bravolebrity is ridiculous and uncalled for, no matter how you slice it. Yuck.


Photo Credit: Bravo