Meghan Edmonds Disses E! After Catt Sadler Left The Network Over Pay Gap

E! News viewers were shocked by Catt Sadler’s sudden exit from the network this week. When Catt revealed that the reason she left the network was because her male coworker Jason Kennedy was making TWICE her salary for the same work when they started at the same time, people were livid on her behalf.

Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Meghan Edmonds is one of those people and she took to Instagram to express her thoughts. Meghan was very well-spoken and on point with her post, but it was a very interesting move since RHOC is a Bravo show and E! and Bravo are both sister networks under the NBC Universal umbrella.

Meghan shared a screen shot from an article about Catt’s exit from the network on Instagram. She accompanied the photo with, “As a reality tv personality on @bravotv , sister network to @eentertainment, I am outraged and disgusted that such a pay disparity between male and female exists, especially on a network that MAKES THE MAJORITY OF ITS MONEY OFF AND FROM WOMEN. For E! to dismiss @iamcattsadler request for equal pay is more than a shame, it shows us all how little they value women.” No one could disagree with Meghan’s point here. How does a network that primarily caters to female viewers not value the female talent on its own network?


Meghan continued, “I am proud of Catt for sharing her story of persecution based on her gender and for leaving the network. Bigger and better things are on the horizon for those who speak up and stand up! (Catt and Jason started at E! at the same time and generally share the same responsibilities however he makes almost double her salary. When confronted, E! refused to increase Catt’s pay to reflect her equal talent and service to Jason’s so she resigned.) #StandUpToThePatriarchy#equalWorkEqualPay.”

It was a daring move for Catt to leave E! and it was very bold for her to share her reasons when E! is such a powerhouse in her industry of choice. It was also very brave or Meghan to speak out against Bravo’s sister network. It will be interesting to see if Meghan faces any repercussions when she was only trying to do the right thing and speak up for someone who could use the support.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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