Luann De Lesseps’ Palm Beach Arrest Stemmed From Hotel Room Trespassing

I am not ready for the Countess to turn into this level of a hot mess yet. Nope. Unacceptable! Alas, it sounds like Luann de Lesseps took a page out of Kim Richards’ messy playbook this week when she was arrested in Palm Beach, FL, for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. The Real Housewives Of New York star was allegedly highly intoxicated during the tussle, and had apparently stumbled into someone else’s hotel room – where she was “in bed with an unidentified man.” Oh, man. This is all very uncool.

Hotel security came to eject Luann and her buddy from Room 407 of the Colony hotel in Palm Beach. The couple was registered for Room 327, but had apparently wandered into the wrong room “while a maid was finishing turn down service” – so they just decided to crash there!

According to Page Six, the security guard who confronted the couple called for backup following “multiple attempts to get both subjects to leave over a five minute period.” When police arrived, Luann was suddenly with a different friend, Julie Olson, who was reportedly also “highly intoxicated.”

Here’s where things really took a left turn: Julie complied with police to exit the hotel room, while Luann apparently did not. It’s alleged that she locked herself in the bathroom refusing police orders until a hotel security guard was asked to unlock the door. “When the guard began using a key on the lock, [Luann] allegedly shoved one of the cops — identified as ‘Officer O’Leary‘ — in the chest with her palm, then slammed the door on his face, ‘striking him in the forehead,'” according to the police report.

However, Luann’s moment of temporary insanity was not over yet! When officers placed the handcuffed Real Housewife in the back of a police cruiser, Luann “allegedly slipped out of the shackles and tried to escape.” Cops had to contain Luann again before taking her to the Palm Beach police station, where she was placed in a holding cell awaiting bail.

In the car, Luann allegedly shouted that she was “going to f–king kill all of you” at police officers who transported her. Oh. My. God.

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Luann was ultimately charged with battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence, and crimes against a person. She is currently out on bond and due back in court in January.

The former Countess tweeted an apology following the incident, pointing to the pain over her failed marriage as the impetus behind the debacle. Luann wrote, “I want to offer my most sincere apologies to anyone that I might have offended with my behavior. This was my first time in Palm Beach since my wedding and being here brought up buried emotions. I am committed to a transformative and hopeful 2018.”

Luann was married to Tom D’Agostino last year on New Year’s Day. The couple filed for divorce this past summer.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo