The Kardashians Filed Documents Asking A Judge To Drop Blac Chyna’s Case Against Them

Even though many think Blac Chyna completely played Rob Kardashian, she is in the big leagues now that she is attempting to swing at Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Chyna claims that they sabotaged the second season of her show Rob & Chyna and she sued the entire Kardashian family.

As polarizing as they can be, pretty much everyone can agree that taking on Kris and Kim is no small task. How can she have a show called Rob & Chyna if she and Rob can’t even be in the same room together? She sabotaged her own show with her messy personal life. Kris, Kim, and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenners didn’t have to lift a finger.

According to TMZ, the family filed legal documents asking a judge to drop Blac Chyna’s case. The documents claim that Rob & Chyna was cancelled because of the restraining order that Chyna got against Rob for domestic violence. How would the two be able to shoot a show under those conditions?

Yes, Chyna dropped the domestic violence claims but it really made zero sense for these two to have a reality show if they are not dating and they are not getting along- at all.

The family also denies Blac Chyna’s claims that they tried to defame her. The family claims that Chyna left her baby Dream Kardashian at home “while she went out to party.”

According to TMZ, Chyna is angry at the Kardashians for trashing a domestic violence victim. A TMZ source close to Chyna says “she was in fear for the safety of her and her daughter, and women should not lose jobs just because they try to protect their family from violence.” Rob still denies her claims of domestic violence.

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[Photo Credit: E! Online]