Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Talks Addressing Professional Rumors

Since picking herself up and dusting herself off last season on Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis has made some big changes, including working outside of Bravo for Gwynn’s department store in Mt. Pleasant, SC, particularly while not shooting or promoting Southern Charm. But a rumor circulated earlier this year that Kathryn was not professional in her position at Gwynn’s and left the management in the lurch, not showing up for work.

Kathryn has often mentioned on her Instagram page how much she likes fashion, and is looking to balance that kind of work with her time on Southern Charm. But both Kathryn and Gwynn’s Vice President, Madison Simon are telling a different story, calling the rumors ridiculous.

Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Talks Addressing Professional Rumors

From the days before she first appeared on Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis modeled and was always interested in fashion and fashion merchandising, which is what drew Kathryn and Madison Simon of Gwynn’s together initially. Madison says that last year, Kathryn expressed interest in working with her and for Gwynn’s, and it’s been a great match.

“I have been styling Kathryn for a couple of years now at Gwynn’s and recognized her passion and appreciation for fashion early on. When she expressed interest in working for us at Gwynn’s, we decided to explore further within our department store and see where we could place her.”

The Southern Charm star said it was exciting getting to observe the various facets of retail.

“I had never worked retail, so it was interested in seeing all of the behind the scenes aspects of a successful department store like Gwynn’s,” says Kathryn Dennis.

Kathryn explains it is the opposite of being on Southern Charm because the focus is on the clothing and the customer. Dennis says that she worked the floor, shadowed Madison, and practiced styling by doing trials.

“She would give me a sample customer, for example, a woman in her forties who is looking for a statement dress for a special event, and I would select outfits that I thought would be a good match.”

But as much as she enjoyed working on the floor at Gwynn’s Kathryn says she particularly likes style photo shoots for print work and commercials.

“My favorite thing so far was working on the holiday commercial, and helping to add personality to images for social media.”

Both Kathryn Dennis and Madison Simon from Gwynn’s have been happy with their continuing professional relationship, so imagine their surprise when some bloggers were reporting that the two had parted company.

“I have no clue what that was all about,” says Kathryn. “Maybe someone stopped into the store and thought I’d be on the sales floor from 9-5.”

Madison explains that both she and Kathryn knew from the beginning that a conventional schedule wouldn’t work due to Kathryn’s Southern Charm obligations.

“Obviously Kathryn’s schedule is a bit unpredictable being a mother of two and on a reality show, so we decided against a traditional 9-5 position. We have worked with her on a project specific basis and she has made great contributions.”

Kathryn Dennis says that one of the biggest perks of the job came a few weeks ago when she got to attend her first Charleston Fashion Week event, for which Madison dressed her.

“It was an honor to be there representing Gwynn’s.”

Madison says that Kathryn was able to be in the Gwynn’s VIP tent and at the runway show. She explains that they always enjoy working together.

“We have fun and that’s always the case!”

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Photo Credits: Kathryn Dennis/Madison Simon/Gwynn’s