I was expecting some damning allegations and serious shade when Kathryn Dennis stepped into the clubhouse for latest Watch What Happens Live appearance. Unfortunately (for the viewers), Andy Cohen revealed that he is not allowed to ask most questions related to Thomas Ravenel and their custody issues. With that said, they didn’t talk about too much.

Nevertheless, she threw some customary (and deserved) shade toward Landon Clements. And of course she was asked about the demise of her friendship with Jennifer Snowden. Honestly it was a pretty “blah” episode. Don’t bother watching it if you didn’t get to it yet. I am here for you with the (very few) notable highlights. Kathryn needs to return another time when she’s really allowed to talk.

Some Watch What Happens Live intern was really looking to stir the pot by putting together a compilation of Thomas and Landon footage that Kathryn was subjected to watching. As if seeing them in the episodes wasn’t already overwhelming, we were all subjected to this “highlight reel” of shameless flirting.

Andy asked Kathryn if it was weird to watch and all she had to say was “It’s funny to watch. It’s a joke really.” Yes it is. It looks like Kathryn is getting the last laugh in this situation.

A caller asked Kathryn, “If there were no men involved, would you get along with Landon?” Kathryn reasoned, “I don’t know if we would get along. Maybe it would be neutral, but I’m not interested in developing a friendship per se.” Who really is though? Landon doesn’t seem like a top notch friend to me.

Unfortunately Kathryn couldn’t discuss anything super juicy, but she was asked about the end of her relationship with Jennifer. A viewer wondered, “When it came to your conversation that you had with Jennifer, do you regret how it went or how you treated her?” Kathryn admitted, “I don’t regret how it went. Regardless of the the time frame- recently giving birth to her son- you feel the way you feel. Maybe it came at an odd time, a sensitive time, but it is what it is. We don’t see eye to eye, so no, I don’t.”

On the after show a caller asked Kathryn about Patricia disliking her. “I think that when she sees me, she sees something in herself that she resents maybe. Like she’s looking in a mirror. It’s a broad way to put it, but that’s the root of it all, because none of it makes sense otherwise.”

On Craig butting into things with Landon at dinner. “To be honest it felt good. Him coming and having my back. At that time there was so much going on, I didn’t know what anyone was saying. I appreciate the gesture.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV