Exclusive – Survivor: Ghost Island’s Libby Vincek: ‘I Knew I Was A Goner’

For those wondering if Libby Vincek will be OK after getting voted off of Survivor: Ghost Island, please rest assured that she’s fine. Billed as a “social media strategist” in the cast release this season, it may come as no surprise to you that Libby is also a model, and was not one of the “super-fans” picked for the show this season. She wasn’t available for the normal round of press phone interviews this past week due to being on a modeling shoot in London, but Libby was kind enough to reply to some of my questions via email even while overseas.

If you missed any of the action, you can catch up with our Episode 9 Recap, as well as checking out the Podcast below.


Exclusive – Survivor: Ghost Island’s Libby Vincek: ‘I Knew I Was A Goner’

Libby, who was 24 at the time she played Survivor, is originally from Houston, Texas, and her Southern charm definitely made her stand-out this season. But Libby was just never able to overcome her original losing Malolo Tribe. She survived the first three Tribal Councils of the season, but in that third one it would be a sign of things to come for Libby. She received a vote against her (from Angela), and then would see her name come up at each and every Tribal she attended thereafter. Being a part of the new Naviti tribe post-swap, she was helped out by three straight Tribal Immunity wins, before receiving a vote from Bradley, and then from Angela and Desiree, at two-consecutive Tribals.

Apparently, her closeness to ally Michael was her undoing (although Libby has other thoughts on this). Chelsea and Angela told her as much at their Reward feast. When Michael was unable to shake things up with a last minute play to Angela to flip on her alliance, Libby found herself at the mercy of a split-vote. And once Michael successfully played his Idol on himself at Tribal, Libby’s time in the game came to an abrupt end, and she became the 2nd member of the jury.

Again, Libby was not available for a phone interview, but she did respond via email, the entirety of which I will read and cover on this week’s FilmSurvivor Podcast (the full audio of which you can find and download at the bottom of this article). But here were some highlights from the interview:

Exclusive – Survivor: Ghost Island’s Libby Vincek: ‘I Knew I Was A Goner’


On why she cast her final vote for Michael:

Libby Vincek: Camp life that day was insanity, talk of idols, fake idols, alliances, just every kind of strategy was being brought up – confusing the heck out of everyone. The only thing I knew for sure was Naviti girls didn’t like me and wanted me out. There was nothing I could really do about that. I knew that if I had voted Michael there was a slight chance of saving myself with the others who were splitting the vote. Michael had a great plan we just didn’t have enough time to gather the for sure numbers to execute. So when Michael pulled out that idol, my heart dropped to the bottom of the ocean. I knew I was a goner.

Exclusive – Survivor: Ghost Island’s Libby Vincek: ‘I Knew I Was A Goner’

On what she would have planned to do had Michael not played his Idol and would have gone home:

Libby: My next move would have been to find a way to work with Jenna and possibly Donathan and Laurel to get out a Naviti girl. I feel it could’ve worked. Either that, or work with the girls to get out Wendell or Dom.

Exclusive – Survivor: Ghost Island’s Libby Vincek: ‘I Knew I Was A Goner’

For more from Libby Vincek, please listen to the latest episode of the FilmSurvivor Podcast below or by clicking here.

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