Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps: June 11th

It’s already the season finale for our newest Teen Moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant! You blink and they grow so fast! We definitely hope to see another season from this group!

Round One

Jade Cline: Jade goes out with her friends. She considers herself single. After eating they go out to dance.

Lexi Tatman: Lexi and her mom talk about the upcoming trip to Arizona. Her mom asks if this is a trip to look for housing (there are two instapots on the counter, I think I want one so that makes me jealous). Lexi insists that it is just a trip and her mom hints that she might go south one day and wants to prepare herself before they move.

Ashley Jones: Ashley is prepping for her surprise party for Bar. Bar’s mom was going to babysit, but suddenly she can’t and Ashley hopes that doesn’t mean she’s planning to come to the party.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Brianna Jaramillo: Brianna is mixing a bottle from the couch. She tells Robert she wants to move to Oregon and asks him if he’d like to move as well. (That is a really big move both for her and for him to consider!)

Kayla Sessler: Kayla wants Stephan to be able to stay the night so he can get up with Izaiah. She makes a passive-aggressive jab at her mom for not being willing to get up with the baby at night. Her mom wants there to be consequences for Stephan’s behavior and for him coming over when she isn’t home (I suspect she also wants Kayla to suffer some consequences but she doesn’t say that). Her mom doesn’t know how to resolve the situation. Umm, Kayla could just get her own place and then make her own rules? That could do it.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Round Two

Lexi:  Lexi is packing. Later she is on the couch but has to go to WalMart and Kyler’s house. Her mom asks if Kyler can get the things and bring them to her, but Lexi wants to do it herself.

Ashley: Party prep is underway for Bar’s big 21st. While Ashley is changing, Shen arrives. Ashley is so ‘pissed she’s about to take her heels off’. If you watch TM2 Jenelle would tell you one of those words is kind of bad.

Jade: Jade’s mom wants to go out and have a girls day together. She talks with her cousin about giving Sean space.

Brianna: Brianna tells her mom she wants to move with her. Her mom says that they are going to have to chip in with bills and rent, especially if Robert comes. Brianna has no plans to tell Danae about the move. Meanwhile Danae goes out to eat with his mom. Space and time has done them well. Danae recognizes that he took anger and hurt he was feeling out on Brianna, he does wish Braeson could still be in his life.

Kayla: Kayla is frustrated because she feels stuck between her mom and Stephan. She asks Stephan to be open minded so she can talk to him and he gives the best look, before saying with wide eyes that he is not open towards her mom. She pleads with him to talk with her mom and he finally agrees but says he won’t apologize.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Round Three

Lexi: Lexi and Kyler are on the road. Baby Tobias in the hotel bed dreaming and then waking up was so cute. Kyler asks if she can see herself moving to Arizona. Lexi can see that happening but throws out the idea of wanting to stay in Colorado for a year for school. She asks what he would do. Kyler basically says he would move without them. This appears to hit Lexi particularly hard. It seems as if he’s said far worse things and far meaner things to her, but this really seems to resonate with Lexi as a blow.

Ashley: Ashley marches up to Shen and informs her that an invitation to the party was not extended to her. I’m a Midwesterner so the confrontation seems intense! It quickly devolves to yelling and Ashley seems to pull her dress up at some point? I believe to emphasize that Shen can ‘kiss it’. Soon the fight becomes physical. Shen throws something and Ashley’s sister, Chris, gets involved. One of the guys, maybe a brother of Bar’s, throws a chair at Chris who catches it! Chris caught the chair. If that isn’t epic I’m not sure what is.

Brianna: Brianna is pleasantly surprised that Robert wants to come with when they move to Oregon. She finds him different than any of her past relationships and here’s hoping that she’s right!

Jade: Jade feels like things are better with her mom. But they fight over the GPS directions to wherever they are going. It seems to escalate out of nowhere and gets very heated all of a sudden. They seem to have the same temper so perhaps this is from being too much alike?

Kayla: Kayla is trying to get her mom and Stephan to a point where they can coexist and she can get some help and relief. Stephan is very disrespectful and condescending with her mom so not much progress seems to be made.

Ashley: Bar shows up to the party but finds out that Ashley’s sister swung at his mom. He tells Chris she has to go. The use of the word ‘bro’ and ‘brah’ increases tenfold. Bar squares off with Chris and people step in to separate them.

We go to a season montage of all the girls (before finding out there will be a proper reunion!) and yeah, I would watch another season. Also, with some recent internet speculation and articles that have come out (especially about Jade’s recent photo scandal and some facebook live posts of Ashley’s) that reunion could be really good!

And now on to Teen Mom 2!

There seems to be a lot going on with the Teen Mom 2 girls, especially in real time. Let’s see if a different format can organize it all.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Leah Messer: Leah apparently had a rough last week. A LOT of people were critical of Leah and Gracie after last week. So many people were critical of Gracie, that Leah and her mom both made statements about it. In general, people criticized her attitude and behavior and called her some pretty bad names (she’s a little girl!). People were also critical of Leah’s parenting (everything from she pushed her too hard to open up, to she was way too lenient with her bad attitude). Well first off, Gracie is a little girl with a lot of attitude. But she is a child. Grace is figuring out boundaries and her feelings over Ali’s limitations, Leah is figuring out how to deal with it. That’s just par for the course. I didn’t see this as THAT big of a deal. It didn’t seem to be their biggest fight ever or like any permanent damage was going to happen. I just hope Leah and Grace are able to maintain a good relationship. Gracie seems the most like Leah and the teenage years could be brutal as they sort things out. Gracie knows how to push her buttons and does more than the other two – or so it seems – so they are going to have to keep working on their relationship.

On the show this week, Leah’s twins are turning 8 (how old does that make us feel)! Corey throws them a party (was that little girl sitting on Gracie’s lap their sister on Corey’s side? I hope the internet will tell us). Leah is planning one a few days later. Grace was apparently open to compromising on venues for the party so Ali could participate fully. While Leah was proud, she is hoping therapy will show results soon because she wants to see a little more. But maybe the therapy is already working since Grace was so open to accommodating Ali for the party?

The party is unicorn themed, complete with glasses on Ali’s unicorn cake topper. Leah thinks that Jeremy wants to get together again because he wants to talk with her. While on the phone together, Jeremy apologizes for saying he regretted having a child with her several seasons ago. Honestly, I teared up because that would have been really hurtful and he seemed sincere in his apology and compliments of her. Leah has really seemed to get her life together so I hope there is nothing but up for all of them.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Chelsea DeBoer: First off, I hope Chelsea is behind in her required reading because I didn’t mean to imply she was petty with wanting Adam’s visit at a visitation center. Not at all. But the writing wasn’t clear. Between last week, and the teasers for next week it is becoming increasingly apparent that Adam’s mom does have problems with her. This seems to be a similar situation to the Edwards where the parents got used to having all of their adult son’s time so changes are harder on them than the dads. But Adam and the Linds could have done a lot to prevent this!

Chelsea’s segments this week all seemed to overlap with last week’s. Here’s what I mean, they presented this as going back to court for child support (after last week which was presented as going to court over visitation and Aubree’s last name), but she is wearing the same sweater as the previous episode and her friend Chelsey has the same shirt and sweater on too so it seems like MTV is splicing the same day into different episodes? Or did they go to court back to back? I mean she could have worn the same outfit to court, no big deal there, but it seems like an unusual coincidence for two people to be in the same outfits.

On the show, Chelsea meets with Adam in mediation but they won’t decide child support that day. He reportedly has no bank account or vehicle. He has a house he paid for in full but he has no job. He is going to start a business but doesn’t know what it will be. Shouldn’t it be for personal training, why couldn’t he come up with that (or already be doing that so he can support his kids)?

At some point Chelsey has a pink shirt on under her other sweater. The same subtle change happens the episode before.  So it seems like MTV really edited, including the timeline of when they go to court. Chelsea, Chelsey, and Cole discuss what to tell Aubree about Adam. We don’t really know what this is about but Adam had some pretty serious criminal cases, some still pending, so it seems like she is referring to him going to jail or perhaps explaining why they have to go to the visitation center now? Aubree is definitely old enough to notice the change to the visitation or Adam’s absence, so either way you would have to explain it to her. And soon kids at school will tell her anything they don’t so you would think it’s better coming from Chelsea.

I didn’t look to see if all of Adam’s records are online but there was a case filed in Lincoln County by Stasia, she showed up for some filming a few seasons ago. That case is for Domestic Simple Assault in November of 2017. January is when his visitation with Aubree was modified to a visitation center (so that would have time stamped last episode as January). He has a warrant out now in 2018 (May of 2018) for child support but this looks to be for his youngest, Paislee, and it cites him owing $16,000. So it makes you wonder what happened to Aubree’s child support? Chelsea mentioned $10,000 recently, so could he be more like $26,000 behind? Also, he was just released from jail for stalking so yeah, Adam has issues.

Speaking of issues relating to Chelsea…there is plenty of reunion drama and MTV controversy going on. Briana seems to be fired for being violent on stage with Kail. Chelsea apparently left because she was at the studio to film but didn’t feel comfortable after things got physical (in part because she’s pregnant).

Because she left before filming, they Skyped her segment. Meanwhile, they sent a crew to film Jenelle’s segment in North Carolina. Much speculation surrounds whether this was to fulfill her demands, or if they were always planning to do this because she wouldn’t go to the reunion sans David. At any rate, Chelsea seems to feel slighted by her treatment, particularly when compared to Jenelle. Ok, so if Chelsea was there why couldn’t they film her in a separate studio before she left? Or at her hotel? I can get why she wouldn’t want to stay when two others are fighting (and given the last reunion where they basically yelled at each other in hallways for days). What I don’t get is why they would have her fly all the way home and then Skype the segment so she gets glossed over. Now she and her dad are both complaining about the direction of the show and airtime. Why can’t we see her taking care of Watson, cooking with Aubree, or going on a trip as a family with Cole? It doesn’t seem she should be lacking in potential storylines with two kids and a baby on the way unless she and her dad are on to something with the show leaning heavily on the more dramatic issues of drug use and custody.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Jenelle Evans: As previously mentioned, Jenelle got to film her reunion segment at home with MTV crew coming to set up special accommodations for her. We know David is fired. No one really knows what is going on with her since they may have caved to her demands for the reunion but articles have said they aren’t currently filming her. On this week’s episode, Jenelle’s birthday is coming up so she and David are going to take the kids out of town. Jenelle is going to be 26. They take the whole crew to the mountains for tubing and ice skating. Her present is an Air B&B in downtown Memphis, which Jenelle doesn’t seem impressed by. But when she finds out its for Cardi B she is more excited.

While at the cabin, Jenelle and David didn’t get a good night’s sleep because they have so many kids and they were up making noise all night. David seems angry and generally aggressive. Marissa looks scared and nervous. Jace says almost nothing in his presence. Kaiser apparently spilled something and they yell at him for that. Jenelle chews with her mouth open during breakfast while Kaiser tries to get out of eating and David threatens him about pooping in his pants. They both seem really lethargic and talk about leaving the house for what seems like a long time without actually getting the kids ready. Finally, all the kids and Jenelle and David are in the car and they complain about cameras being there before David lectures all the kids about not acting right. The whole last scene had me cringing and uncomfortable. I just want to hug all the kids.

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Kailyn Lowry: In real time we know the big reunion fight just happened, and Javi announced his pregnancy news with his new girlfriend. Check out the timeline on that because it seems he was overlapping with Kail and Briana and this new girl. For the show this week, Kail is prepping with her friend before podcasting. This is nuts because I literally just started listening to her podcast. I have to say I kind of like it. It is really light and easy to listen to. They sort of ask about relationships (while filming TM2) and Kail mentions being into girls. But I’m confused because I thought Dom was upset about her not acknowledging their relationship and in one of the very early episodes of the podcast Kail said she was in a relationship with a girl (no name given as to who, but you’d think Dom right?). So why would she have denied it while filming and then mentioned it on the podcast?

Later, she is taking adorable photos of the kids. We learn that Lux’s dad filed for emergency custody even though he isn’t listed on the birth certificate. I’m not sure how that is legal to claim custody if you aren’t listed, but Delaware seems to have laws that favor 50/50 custody (at least according to Kail). Kail had to testify against Chris. He gets supervised visits but his aunt is going to be the supervisor. Kail is upset that its not a neutral party that supervises. I’m kind of surprised by this, but I have no idea about Delaware law, so maybe this is standard?

Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recaps:

Briana DeJesus: Briana said she quit the show but then the news came out she was fired for physically fighting Kail at the recent reunion taping. It seems pretty permanent so this might be the last season we get to see of her. This week, Briana is getting ready to go back to work and she’s looking at daycares. After looking at one and enrolling Stella, Luis goes out to eat with the family. Luis wins them all over when he promises to help with daycare costs and to see Stella. Later, Briana is taking Nova to school. Nova always seems sad and on the verge of tears, hopefully this is just a shy phase for her. Later Bri is upset about dropping Stella off at daycare. Yep, the first time is tough. I don’t think her mom helps with constant questions and exclamations about how hard it is. She just needed a few minutes to be sad.

Bri calls Javi on her way home. Her mom and sister picked up the girls. Briana gets a lot of help with these kids. Nova tells her grandma that Briana doesn’t like taking care of her, just Stella. That seems like a pretty normal reaction for a child of her age, it’s a pretty big change to go from only child to having to share attention with a new baby, plus we know Bri takes care of both of them (and Roxanne and Brittany). Briana gets back home and manages to reassure Nova.

We also got to see Maci’s preview for Naked and Afraid and I’m more excited than expected to watch her!


Recap Author: Jeannie S. 

Photo Credit: MTV