Despite Bad Behavior, Jenelle Evans Gets Special Treatment At Reunion – And The Other Teen Mom 2 Stars Are Furious!

Well, well – what a surprise Jenelle Evans is causing drama and chaos and being rewarded for it by MTV! Yaaaaaaaayyayyayay – who’s ready for another crazy Jenelle post?! (I see your invisible hands raised high!)

The Teen Mom 2 cast was recently in NYC to film the reunion – including pregnant Chelsea Houska – but Jenelle refused. Although none of the cast wants to be around her due to all her violent and unhinged outbursts, Jenelle’s official reason for not fulfilling her contract was because her fired husband David Eason was banned and the network wouldn’t pay for him to travel alongside Jenelle. Jenelle couldn’t go without him, because she didn’t feel safe.

Instead of firing Jenelle, or letting her miss out on being paid for the reunion, Dr. Drew flew to North Carolina to do a special interview with Jenelle, reporting from ‘The Land’. He has never been heard from again after disappearing into the deep, dark wood…

Obviously, the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast is livid that Jenelle, once again, got an extra cookie for being the naughtiest little girl in the world. And Chelsea was “particularly upset.”

MTV has reportedly been vacillating over firing Jenelle for being a major liability but this reaffirmed to the cast and crew that she’s likely here to stay. “It made it so obvious who the show’s producers and the network value more!” a source states.

“The other cast members are pissed too because they had to take time out of their lives to go all the way to New York City to film, find childcare, etc. to fulfill their obligations to the show, but Jenelle once again threw a fit and got treated like a VIP!”

“The other three girls feel like they’ve been treated like second-class citizens compared to Jenelle for the entire time they’ve been on the show,” explained the insider. “She’s been throwing tantrums and making crazy demands for years, and she almost always gets what she wants, while the other girls follow the rules and have to watch Jenelle get special treatment.”

Chelsea attended the reunion taping, but ultimately decided not to go on stage after Briana de Jesus‘s violent on-set meltdown.  Chelsea was told she could film her segments later and was rewarded with a Skype call from Dr. Drew a source tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “They paid to fly an entire crew to Jenelle and essentially built a set there for her to film because she refused to go to the last reunion. But apparently, they didn’t think Chelsea was important enough to do that for.”

While Dr. Drew was in NC coddling Princ-cuss Jenelle he took a precious few moments time out to record the Skype call with Chelsea. One of the crew members told the site. “Chelsea’s portions were like a rushed afterthought.”

Even worse: “They didn’t want Jenelle to have to start super-early so they made Chelsea go first, even though she is two hours behind Jenelle, time-wise, because she’s in South Dakota.” As indicated by the below tweet, Chelsea apparently didn’t know she was more boring than dry toast until she saw Jenelle bragging on Instagram about her 1:1 with the admirable Dr. Drew.

Chelsea Houska Tweet

“Did my part! Had a good conversation yesterday about many different things that will happen later this season. I think this is the most comfortable you will ever see me in an interview. #StayTuned #TeenMom2 #Reunion,” posted Jenelle.

She also shared photos of the Jenelle-centric set. Probably the apex of her tragic life.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans

“‘Sit still, look pretty,'” boasted Jenelle. “#GreenScreen #TeenMom2 #ViralMoments” Jenelle does look pretty — pretty obnoxious! [Credits: Instagram]

A source connected to the show added that everyone is beyond over “giving in to Jenelle’s demands.”

Apparently, however, this is a sign of the future for reunions “because it’s clearly an unsafe environment to have all of them together.” Or they could just not have people like Jenelle and Briana be part of these shows…

In any case, Jenelle defended herself on Twitter and as usual, deflected all blame onto her co-stars.

Despite Bad Behavior Jenelle Evans Gets Special Treatment At Reunion – And The Other Teen Mom 2 Stars Are Furious!

Chelsea, Leah, and Kail should stick to their storylines they maybe they wouldn’t get caught up into drama like I’m steering away from. They paid thousands for these girls and then they quit and leave? Do your job ladies. Mind your business,” Jenelle tweeted.

Despite Bad Behavior Jenelle Evans Gets Special Treatment At Reunion – And The Other Teen Mom 2 Stars Are Furious!

“Everyone is mad but this was NOT my request from the beginning. Larry asked me if I was willing to film a separate segment like Farrah… so I said sure,” Jenelle continued. “They offered to come to me I said sure. I did NOT demand a damn thing and woke up early just like everyone else. Done by 8pm”

Despite Bad Behavior Jenelle Evans Gets Special Treatment At Reunion – And The Other Teen Mom 2 Stars Are Furious!

Jenelle also defended her decision not to show up to the original filming because her co-workers waaaaaah! Jenelle wrote, ” I wasn’t about to go and be cornered into a wall by bitches without my husband present.”


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]