Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Charrisse Jackson Jordan has a few thoughts on her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars’ behavior on this week’s episode. She shared opinions on Karen Huger ejecting Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon from her event, and weighed in on Monique Samuels’ friendship issues.

Charrisse shared her two cents on Karen removing Gizelle and Robyn from her event. “I’m over Karen calling security at the sight of not wanting to be bothered by something. Why on one hand would you intentionally invite Kyndall to be faced with Gizelle (being messy) and when confronted, wimp out and call security. If you’re going to be a bad Batch (in Karen’s voice) and do bold things, then you have to be willing to face the repercussion that come with being a bad batch!” 

She added in her blog, “We never know what’s going to be up the sleeves of them darn green eyed bandits… But Karen had to know after telling Gizelle while thinking she and Sherman were still together that she invited his ex to the event (and we know her thirsty behind would jump at the invitation) that something could possibly go down. She thought it was going to be with Gizelle and Kyndall and not her. She thought she was going to sit back and marvel at the mess she created. Her plan backfired and she can’t take the heat so she runs and calls security. She should’ve asked me my opinion so that I could’ve enlightened her that Gizelle could care less about any of Sherman’s exes let alone Kyndall. I think Gizelle made that point perfectly clear when she started dating him in the first place.”

On walking away from the confrontation outside with Robyn and Gizelle, “I was so fed up at this point with the whole insinuation that I chose Monique Samuels’ event over Robyn’s.”

She says she didn’t realize what a big deal Robyn‘s event was. “As her very close friend of 15 years, I felt that I deserved more than a generic text invite. Honestly, I was in my feelings and immediately responded back that I was already committed. It would not have been such a big deal if I were committed to anything else outside of Monique. Gizelle inserted herself and made it a bigger deal than it was.”

She continues, “I was hurt that I didn’t know the capacity of what Robyn was doing and beyond disappointed that I wasn’t there to support her. When she and Gizelle questioned my loyalty as a friend I felt it was necessary to make my exit before words came out of my mouth that I would later regret.”

Charrisse admits she was a little offended that Robyn went to Gizelle for advice on putting together her event when she knows full well that Charrisse has expertise on it. “I was really hurt that I was excluded from the onset. Robyn knows that I have organized conferences and various types of events. Yet, her go to is always Gizelle. I’m good with that. But don’t question my loyalty as a friend when I wasn’t given an opportunity to be one. At the end of the day, if she had given me a full disclosure of what she had been working on, I would’ve been there to support her without reservation.”


Charrisse on her feeling that Monique may be using her. “When Monique and I became close I honestly felt like it was a genuine friendship.” Despite warnings from Robyn and Gizelle, Charrisse moved deeper into a friendship with Monique, but she now sees they might have been right.

She shared that Monique and Kyndall may deserve each other, “Monique wants to convince people that I have an issue with her becoming friends with Kyndall. That’s not only childish but it’s not even in the spectrum of my issues with Monique. Quite frankly, she and Kyndall are similar and make great friends. Neither of them cares about how their actions affect other people and focus selfishly on themselves. Monique and Kyndall were more obsessed with trying to get at Gizelle which neither of them are capable of. Monique is very concerned about her reputation (but could care less about anyone else) but has no problem trying to bring down the reputation of others. The mere fact that she is trying to turn this into a friendship issue……My suggestion to Mrs. Samuels would be for her to learn how to be a real friend first.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV