Southern Charm Stars React To Kathryn Dennis Going MIA

Last night’s episode of Southern Charm showed several of the cast members extremely worried about Kathryn Dennis and her safety as she went missing for a few days. Her building manager did a welfare check and declared she was physically okay. Kathryn later revealed that she was dealing with a bout of depression and needed to shut out the world for a while. Danni Baird, Naomie Olindo and Shep Rose weighed in on their thoughts during and after the incident.

On Southern Charm’s After Show, Danni Baird shared how unusual it is for Kathryn Dennis to ignore her calls. “Normally when she goes MIA or goes into hiding, she’ll respond to ME. this was a circumstance where she didn’t and it just kind of freaked me out a little bit. It was different than every other time.”

Southern Charm Cast

Shep shared, “when she disappeared that was really disheartening because a lot of people who had gone to bat for her and really been on her side, couldn’t find her. I don’t know much about depression, but I just don’t know much about it because, thank god, I don’t have it. But to ignore those who love you is hard to comprehend on the other side.”

Naomie explained, “We didn’t want it to become this big thing where everyone was looking for Kathryn because then that just adds on to her stress, but after two or three days not hearing from someone and you know that they’re going through a really hard time, you start to worry. It’s a natural reaction. I think we were just worried sick. Just text us and tell us you want to be left alone, that’s all we wanted. thankful she was fine, she just went to a really deep dark place because there’s a lot of bad stuff going on around her. Ashley definitely did not help.”

Danni understood that Kathryn needed time to sort out her feelings over the horrible things that Ashley Jacobs had said to her on the trip. “Once we got back from Hilton Head and given Kathryn enough time alone to really process what had been said. If somebody says that stuff to you, it’s terrible and I think it just made her really, really sad and she just had enough.”

It’s nice to see that Kathryn has such a great support system now!

Photo Credit: Bravo TV