Candiace Dillard – Preview For Tonight’s RHOP

First, a quick note to say that there isn’t a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac tonight. In the meantime, Candiace Dillard is giving her input on last week’s episode. If you missed it, catch up with the recap here.

In her blog this week, Candiace explains that she knew her dad would say no when she called to ask for more wedding money, but she had to try anyway. “Ugh. I hated everything about that money conversation. I DO think my dad should give more – I’m his only daughter and I’m only getting married once. I already had a feeling my dad was going to say no before I even hit ‘dial’ on my phone so I should have just left it alone. I didn’t want to wonder ‘what if’ though, so I just went for it.”

Candiace shares her two cents on the way her co-stars behaved at the CBC. “Everyone was acting like plumb fools at the CBC. Here I am, giving the saints “Political Barbie” in my pink suit whilst we’re supposedly coming together to celebrate black excellence and enterprise. I was shaking my head and receiving the entertainment at the same time. Where is the couth? Who taught you that it was acceptable to air dirty laundry and address grievances in a public space? Robyn Dixon needs to stop listening to that girl Gizelle Bryant before she leads her over a cliff. It doesn’t seem like her nature to be confrontational so why is she continuously trying to do what doesn’t suit her in resolving HER issue?”

On her ‘princess’ fight with Chris, Candiace explains that it was an argument that started the night before and boiled over to the next day. She admits they both have a problem with being quick to anger. “There were so many elements and so many things that were said on both sides that we both regret… all over a misunderstanding about holding a purse. Chris and I both suffer from quick to anger syndrome sometimes and when I returned from the bathroom at the CBC after party (no, I didn’t want to take my purse to the bathroom because I didn’t need it to pee and didn’t want to put it down on any germ-infested surface or play acrobat, trying to balance it on some part of my body while squatting over a hole). Chris’ apparent irritation was my first concern. He proceeded to tell me that he was irritated with the Uber driver and then hastily asked me to hold my purse to which I replied “Why?” Thinking I didn’t want to hold my purse (when I was actually trying to understand why he was annoyed with the driver) he had a name-calling moment about princesses and letting things go to my head knowing full well that I have a sensitivity complex about the perception of my humility and modesty. And I felt in the moment that he was using what he knew to hurt me. So I used what I knew to hurt him back. Mature? No. Human? Yes. I cringe every time I think about what I said to him in those texts (there was a whole back and forth between us) and we have since, obviously worked it out and continue to work on how we speak to each other when we’re angry. It was a very disparaging set of circumstances that we now use to check and balance the way we communicate with each other. Crisis averted! Let the church say amen.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV