Below Deck Mediterranean Preview

This season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been one of my favorites in the franchise and viewers agree. The show is pulling in higher viewer numbers than the Real Housewives series. The combination of juicy crew drama and truly awful charter guests make this show Must See TV! And lucky us, it’s Tuesday again!

The love triangle between Brooke, Kasey, and Joao rages on tonight! Joao sends mixed signals to both of his co-workers and they finally confront him. This guy is going to wind up alone if he doesn’t make a decision soon. 

Also tonight, “Conrad’s feelings for Hannah grow stronger while his relationship with Sandy continues to become more strained.”

According to Bravo’s preview, “Sandy dishes out high praise to Kasey much to the chagrin of Hannah.” No kidding Hannah won’t take that lightly. Kasey has spent every episode with her head in a toilet/bucket and wandering around clueless since she has zero experience and lied about her skills. I’d be furious to hear Sandy praising her, too. This girl should’ve been booted from the boat the minute it was discovered that she lied on her resume. (Although that should’ve been obvious in interviews, etc, before she ever stepped foot on board, but I digress.)

Tonight Adam Glick will have a fire lit under his butt after a night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant. From then on, we’ll be seeing Adam up his gourmet game.

Below Deck Mediterranean Preview

Another group of pain-in-the-butt charter guests is on board. The crew is scrambling around to find their picky request of gumballs – and NO WHITE ones, thankuverymuch. This reminds me of celebrities who used to request specific colors of M&Ms and other ridiculous nonsense!

Joao and Hannah get into tonight, too! We can’t wait!

Tune in at 9/8c and join us in the comments to snark through the episode together!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV