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Unfortunately for Gina Kirschenheiter, she hasn’t received a warm welcome from everyone in the Real Housewives of Orange County cast. Fortunately for Gina, Shannon Beador’s icy reception gives her some material for a storyline.

Both Shannon and Gina are going through divorces, so it could have been easy to bond over that, but it hasn’t happened. At all. During the last RHOC episode, Shannon admitted that it is hard to hear about how peaceful Gina’s divorce is going in comparison to her own tumultuous split.

Cary Deuber is shocked by LeeAnne's words

Out of all the things to come at LeeAnne Locken for why is her perceived lack of wedding date one of those things? Why not call her out the shade she throws or the threatening statements she makes when she’s riled up? Wouldn’t that be an easier route to take?

D’Andra Simmons got the ball rolling by questioning LeeAnne for not setting a wedding date and she even accused them of “living separate lives” before she brought up some rumors that Rich Emberlin cheated on LeeAnne. Brandi Redmond joined her new friend D’Andra to question D’Andra about her wedding and even threw in that she thinks LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra since she’s married. Now LeeAnne is accusing both of them of drinking too much and even called Brandi an “alcoholic” in the last episode. Three wrongs don’t make a right here. Real Housewives of Dallas is getting pretty messy and Cary Deuber is sharing her insight on all the drama within the cast.

Captain Lee

There’s no doubt about it: Captain Lee Rosbach is one of the most respected Bravolebrities. Everyone has high praise for him and there are plenty of Below Deck cast members and viewers that fear disappointing them. However, this season’s bosun Chandler Brooks is not one of those people.

Defying Captain Lee is not a good move to make as a crew member or a cast member. This is not going to go over well on the boat or with the Below Deck fans.

Shannon in Jamaica

Even though the first episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast trip in Jamaica was a total bore, tonight’s episode just might make up for that thanks to Shannon Beador.

For the past few episodes, new Housewives Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter have been complaining that Shannon has no interest in being their friend. Episodes before that, Tamra Judge called out her bestie Shannon for being self-involved and not supporting her enough while her husband Eddie Judge endured health problems. During the first episode of the Jamaica trip, Tamra even told Emily and Gina that her husband feels she “enables” Shannon and that she “feels sorry for her.” Apparently that talk was enough ammunition for Gina who earns her orange for next season comes after Shannon during tonight’s episode.

Stephanie Hollman opens up about suicide

Most Real Housewives earn their spot on television by being causing controversy and stirring up the pot. Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman is not one of those Housewives. She has managed to be both entertaining and compelling by opening up about her past and just being her true self in front of the camera crew, something many other Housewives should take note of.

This season, Stephanie opened up about her suicide attempt in her twenties. Now she is discussing the impact that episode on her life, how the fans responded, and sharing even more about her life pre-Housewives and since the show started airing.

Reality TV Listings - Below Deck Captain Lee

Not all seasons of Below Deck are created equal. Just ask the star of the show, the one and only Captain Lee Rosbach. Even he has to admit that there really was a “worst season” during his time on Below Deck.

Of course, his perspective is coming from his role as a captain, not as viewer, but it is still interesting to see which season stands out to him as the “worst” one of them all. This is especially true since an incompetent employee often makes for some entertaining storylines.

Bristol at home

As the Teen Mom OG fans are just getting to know Bristol Palin in the first few episodes of the new season, she is sharing the painful journey of divorcing Dakota Meyer. The marriage was falling apart long before Teen Mom OG came knocking and Bristol took to Instagram after last week’s episode to clear a few things up for the viewers.

After the episode aired, which featured Bristol and Dakota deciding to officially call it quits, she shared, “Dakota is an incredible father, there is NO denying his love for our baby girls, I am extremely grateful for that. You see .002 of our lives — especially since we JUST JOINED TMOG. Like Dakota has said multiple times on IG and in interviews.. Our marriage was over WAY BEFORE TMOG.”

Gina cries over getting divorced

If it were up to Shannon Beador, Real Housewives of Orange County would solely focus on her, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge, and Vicki Gunvalson. She’s not here for the new girls, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

Sure they’ve brought her into some drama, but haven’t her best friends in this cast done way worse to her? Shannon wants nothing to do with Emily and Gina, citing her busy schedule as her top reason. Aren’t they all busy? They’re all mothers. They’re all cast members on the same show. They all have their side businesses and endorsement deals. Being busy with an interesting life is essentially a requirement to become a Real Housewife, isn’t it?