Gizelle Bryant

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast trip to France is off to a rocky start. Gizelle Bryant gives us her two cents on the drama in her latest blog. She shares her thoughts on Monique Samuels upgrading her seat on the plane, skipping the oil event, and stands firm on what she said to Karen Huger in the lobby.

On Monique upgrading herself on the plane, Gizelle wasn’t impressed. “Monique asked me to come on the trip so that I could see a ‘better side’ of her. However, at the first opportunity to separate herself she jumped at it. In the true fashion of a girls trip, we travel TOGETHER. ALL of us were asked if we wanted to upgrade and we all so no so that we could stay together, so yep, a little shady. Monique is always going to have an excuse for her behavior and it typically comes with tears. Nope, not buying it.”

Gizelle Bryant explains that she did not have any desire to go on Monique’s oil tour to begin with. She didn’t think it’d be such a big deal to stay behind for that particular activity. “I knew that there was a time frame associated with Monique’s oil tour (that I had no desire to do) and I didn’t want them to miss their window waiting on Robyn. By the way, Robyn is ALWAYS late, but even if she wasn’t I didn’t want to go smell oils in the South of France. Can’t you do that at the mall on any given Saturday at Bath & Body Works?” No, Gizelle, you cannot.

On her issues with Karen Huger, she blogs: “Karen is the Queen of throwing shade and never really looks in the mirror. If I were her and I’m trying to get a perfume line off the ground, I would NEVER question or try to throw shade at ME. I’m someone who is successful and who is about her business. When I woke the next morning it hit me why Karen would even bring up my business partners. Karen knows that everything I said in the lobby is true and I will just leave it there in the lobby.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV