90 Day Fiance’s Paul Staehle Talks Marriage, Babies & Language Barriers On The Jenny McCarthy Show

All the way from Brazil, it’s Paul Staehle! Yes, our boy Paul stopped by The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM Stars this past week to offer an update on how he and Karine are doing and to drop some hints about what’s to come this season on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

Although Paul didn’t offer proof positive that he and Karine are already married and expecting their first child together, he alluded to those storylines coming to fruition. Since filming, Paul has remained in Brazil with Karine, who he admitted was on “bed rest” at the moment. Mmm hmm. Okay, Paul…we see you! When asked if Karine and Paul got married on the show this year (as evidenced by Paul’s now-deleted Instagram posts of them in a chapel), Paul answered that we’ll just have to wait and see.

He did claim that the language barrier is something they’re actively working to overcome now, though. And it’s about time! Paul says, “I have a private tutor that I use in Brazil, and also I’m using Rosetta stone. So between the two things, I’m not fluent, but am making a lot of progress.”

Well, that’s a relief. At least now Paul can ask “Will you take this STD test?” in Karine’s native tongue. #TrueRomance

Karine’s progress in English is superior to me though,” admits Paul. He also confesses that he wished he’d shown more gratitude when Karine gave him a nice bottle of cologne as a present upon his return trip to Brazil. “I was like, man, I was a jerk! I should have shown much more gratitude. When I saw the look on her face, I felt really, really bad.”

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Paul hints that there’s a lot of drama  in store this season when it comes to his relationship with Karine. “I can’t get into detail now, but it’s a rollercoaster,” he tells Jenny. A rollercoaster that involves Paul and Karine rebuilding trust after his suspicions that she was cheating, Paul proving himself to Karine’s parents in light of his criminal history, and of course Karine taking another pregnancy test….which we all suspect was positive this time around.

We won’t be seeing any hints of Baby Paul on Karine’s social media, however, because she’s shut down her accounts. “She just wanted to relax and not have any outside stresses,” says Paul, who claims he didn’t force Karine to de-install her apps, and that she might choose to become active on social media “after everything settles down.”

Well, I think we’re all ready for the rollercoaster of the entire Season Two Before The 90 Days crew, and tonight is another installment of our favorite trainwreck. Join us in the comments section to dish about all of the craziness as it unfolds at 8/7 central on TLC!

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Photo Credit: TLC