Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos Part Ways; Jenni Quits Jeff Lewis Design For Good

Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos Part Ways; Jenni Quits Jeff Lewis Design For Good

Some thought this day would never come, while others predicted it would happen years ago. Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis have parted ways, and sources say that this time, it’s for good. The Flipping Out duo have been friends and colleagues for over two decades, during which viewers have seen their relationship ebb and flow. And, let’s be real, that relationship involved Jenni getting screamed at a whole lot.

With season eleven of Flipping Out poised to premiere September 11, this news feels like a teaser for the on-screen drama to come. According to sources close to the pair, we’ll definitely see the breakdown of their partnership happen on camera. Reports firmly say that Jenni is truly gone this time, and gone for good.

PEOPLE reports a source close to Jenni and Jeff claiming, “They’ll never come back from this. It’s over.”

So, what exactly happened? Apparently, Jenni came back from maternity leave from having her second child and found that working conditions at Jeff Lewis Design didn’t suit her. Sources allege that Jenni returned to work, but wasn’t given the amount of responsibility she expected. Other claims insinuate that Jeff didn’t feel like Jenni was invested enough in his business anymore.

“He thought of her as his No. 2, but she wasn’t invested in the same way he was,” says one source of Jeff’s feelings on Jenni’s return.

Jeff Lewis Responds To Surrogate Lawsuit

Vague references to Jenni and Jeff heading “in opposite directions” and having “different priorities” are also being tossed around, but some assume the interpersonal dysfunction between the long time friends played a heavy hand in their blow up.

Last season, viewers witnessed the dissolution of another long time relationship in Jeff’s life when his housekeeper and mother figure, Zoila Chavez, tearfully left his employment for good. Tensions also noticeably rose between Jeff and his partner, Gage Edward, throughout the season after the birth of their first child, Monroe. At one point last year, Jeff even quipped to his therapist that he was preparing to leave Gage. The couple has since worked through their issues and are still together, however.

Other drama on the horizon includes the lawsuit Jeff and Gage’s surrogate brought against Bravo recently (for Jeff’s rude comments about her private parts on camera during delivery), which is still not resolved. Any way you slice it, this season of Flipping Out looks to be filled with shakeups, breakups, and meltdowns galore.

A source reports that we’ll see Jenni and Jeff duke it out on camera in their final blowup: “It was a horrible fight that was uncomfortable for everyone around them to watch.” Yikes.

Neither Jeff nor Jenni have commented on the situation yet.


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