Bravo Sued By Jeff Lewis’ Surrogate For Filming Birth On Flipping Out

Uh oh. Bravo may be on the hook for airing footage they shouldn’t have, and in this case, they might have to pay up big time. On Flipping Out last season, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward witnessed the birth of their baby girl, Monroe, via surrogate, Alexandra Trent. The birth itself was filmed, along with snide remarks from Jeff about Alexandra not “waxing” before the event, and Gage admitting he was freaked out at his first sighting of a woman’s vagina.

Now, a humiliated Alexandra claims she never consented to this footage being aired, and is suing Bravo for damages.

While Alexandra did agree to be featured on Flipping Out, she allegedly did not want the actual birth filmed. According to Variety, “the producers agreed to that condition, but then filmed it surreptitiously from behind a curtain” in the delivery room.

Although there were some tender moments filmed after Monroe’s birth, such as Gage whispering “Thank you” to Alexandra, the comments from Jeff during her labor left her “humiliated and distraught.” Alexandra claims to have not watched any of this footage until recently, after a “business associate” informed her about it.

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The lawsuit expresses outrage at Bravo for using Alexandra without her consent. It states, “In their quest for ratings, Defendants have deeply damaged Trent and have caused incredible anguish, self-loathing, contempt and depression.” The suit is accusing Bravo of “unlawful recording, invasion of privacy and fraud.”

Jeff also recently got himself in hot water with Bravo after talking to Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd. Apparently, Kelly spilled some hot tea about Vicki Gunvalson that Bravo was NOT too happy about. Jeff has also been reading David Beador’s private texts to Shannon Beador on the air in an effort to out David as, well, an a$$hole. (Shannon and Jeff have been long-time friends.)

Neither Bravo nor Jeff has offered comment on the recent lawsuit, but something tells me we’ll be seeing this play out in the media – or more specifically, on Jeff’s radio show. Many fans of Flipping Out were outraged at Jeff and Gage’s crass commentary during their surrogate’s labor and delivery. Despite Jeff’s flare for incendiary snark, they saw it at crossing the line.

Baby Monroe was born in 2016, with the footage of her birth airing in August of 2017.



Photo Credit: Bravo