Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and PregnantBar’s brother Troy had been was convicted of murder, but his family applied for an appeal. In the meantime, Bar and Ashley Jones are trying to focus on their future. Ashley’s mom is thinking of moving to Atlanta, and that made Ashley think that she wants to move to a slower lifestyle too, so and Ashley talk about how the stressors in their life are done and that they should think about moving. Bar admits he’s scared about moving and being so far away from home.

Lexi Tatmans boyfriend Kyler is supposed to be graduating soon so the couple needs to think about finding jobs and decide if they are moving. However, Kyler lays the news on her that he needs to still finish a class and he’s not going to graduate. Lexi seems disappointed that the conversation about moving on to the next steps of their lives is now on hold.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

The police have been called because Kayla Sessler’s ex, Stephan took her credit card without asking. When she went to confront him about it, he pulled her out of the car and threw her on the ground and started hitting and kicking her and kicked her car. Kayla’s friend, Annabel, called the police and now Stephan has a domestic abuse charge against him. With Annabel, Kayla heads to the police station to give her statement. Kayla is nervous about when Stephan snaps when he gets mad.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

Jade Cline says that she started talking to Sean again after getting her anxiety under control. They are on talking terms when it has to do with their daughter Kloie — he claims he’s still going to counseling. She asks Sean to watch Kloie so she can go out with her friends for her birthday. Sean wishes her a happy birthday.

Robert and Brianna Jaramillo are still adjusting to living in Oregon and are talking about getting jobs. Brianna talks about taking whatever they can get and then working toward what they want. Robert wants to finish high school and Brianna wants to start college. The plans have begun, but they know they are facing a struggle with finding jobs and getting on their feet.

Back at Lexi’s house, she tells her mom about Kyler not being able to graduate. They hope he goes back, but Lexi feels bad that he is missing out on things, like graduation. Um, maybe he should’ve found this out earlier and taken the course? But I digress. Lexi has contacted a local funeral home for a possible internship to gain some work experience.

Kayla was told by the police that she waited too long to give her statement and they aren’t sure if she changed her story, so there may not be much that they can do. Kayla and Annabel talk about what the police officers told her about getting an order of protection and Kayla is going to get a temporary restraining order against Stephan.

Ashley and Bar went to Atlanta to see if it’s where they want to move with her mom. They are going to the first house that her mom found. Bar recognizes that it’s a lot cheaper than Cali. Ashley’s mom puts a bit of pressure on her that it’s easier than she thinks to move to Atlanta.

Jade is out celebrating her birthday and her friend asks her if she’ll get freaky tonight since she’s single. She says she’ll dance on guys if she wants to, but isn’t interested in just taking some random guy home. Later in the club, Jade is doing shots and meets up with some guys.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

Brianna said the most stressful thing is not having a place to stay right now so she’s out applying for jobs. Her grandfather, Joe, wants to talk to her. He tells her how he felt about her situation and her relationship and that he wasn’t pleased with some things, but he’s there to support her. Joe is concerned about Robert sticking around after the ‘honeymoon period’ is over in the relationship.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Dreams, Nightmares & Restraining Orders

Lexi really wants to become a funeral director so she talks about an internship at a company that is one hour away. She is told that they are looking for somebody motivated and flexible because their calls can happen at any hour.

At Kayla’s house, she called about getting an order of protection and is getting worried because Stephan keeps texting her. She is told the details about an order of protection and is concerned that Stephan would take Izaiah. Her legal advocate asks her to come in immediately.

Ashley said that getting away from all the drama at home is a good start, where nobody knows them and Bar can start over. When she asks him about how he feels, Bar is pleased, especially with the costs. Ashley wants to finish school but wants to start the moving process going. Bar starts dreaming about what they can have together — a big house, etc.

Brianna thought she would be there with an apartment and jobs and haven’t heard back from any jobs they applied to, so she’s regretting the move. They talk about finding any job, but Brianna seems sad about the situation they are in. It’s serious enough that if they don’t find jobs, they will have to sell the car to buy food. The tension builds and Brianna starts to get teary. Will things change?

Jade decides that even though she had a ton of fun, she’s not ready to date yet. She talks about how hard it is alone, but she doesn’t want to make the mistake of letting Sean back in. Her college roommate, Lauren, might be looking for a place to live, so they discuss moving in together. They can each save money and say it will be fun.

Kayla has her emergency order of protection against Stephan, which lasts for two weeks, but she thinks about what she’ll do when it runs out. The next one would be for two years if she decides to renew it. Jaime, Kayla’s mom, tells her that she doesn’t want the two weeks to make her forget the bad. Kayla tells Jaime that Stephan is more concerned about whether or not she told anyone than what he did. Jaime wonders where Kayla’s self-esteem has gone because Stephan broke her down.


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