Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Jocelyn Returns!

On this week’s Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island the couples have matched themselves and now it’s time to see if any of these actually become the train wrecks we expect them to be.  Too pessimistic? Nah. Just remember the Chris-Jada-Jocelyn triangle.

It’s Day 3 of the three-week experiment and the couples need to get to know each other a little better. The couples are talking about Chris and Jada too. Isabella already admits that she doesn’t like Chris because of how he played Jada and Jocelyn. Chris tries to explain to Isabella what the pastor told him to do about closing his eyes and who does he see walking down the aisle (he claims he saw Jada), but I don’t think anyone is buying it. 

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Jocelyn Returns!

Now, if the couples decide that they still have chemistry they move to the honeymoon suite where they will begin a relationship, but if they think they made a mistake, they won’t stay on the island. Kimber thinks that the idea of moving into the suite with Shannon is going much too fast, whereas Isabella and Tyler are very open to the suite.

Chris and Isabella meet with the pastor, who is concerned that Jada feels like she was the second choice and forces them to talk about that.  Jada admits, but not to Chris or the pastor, to the camera that she doesn’t trust Chris yet and doesn’t want to be humiliated. TELL HIM, GIRL! The pastor tells Jada not to be afraid to be vulnerable, but Chris says that he thinks Jada second guesses things. Um, Chris, didn’t you?

Tyler and Isabella are cute and adorable, but is this just the ‘honeymoon’ period?

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Jocelyn Returns!

Shannon talks about his attraction to curvy women, but he admits that he’s apprehensive about staying with her in the suite. Kimber tells Shannon that she doesn’t want kids, but Shannon does. Kimber was a stay-at-home mom to her ex-boyfriend’s daughter from a previous relationship and that experience already showed her that she didn’t want children. As much as she’s attracted to Shannon, this could be a stumbling block for them moving forward.

Brandin and Jona laugh over loving the same strawberry chapstick — it’s a start, right? Brandin talks about loving having a good appearance and talks about her clothing business. They actually both own businesses and that also seems to bring them together. Jona is turned on by her entrepreneurial spirit, but Brandin seems so closed off emotionally, so it’s hard to get a read on how she really feels.

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Jocelyn Returns!

Chris and Jada are hugging up on each other in the pool and Chris is saying all the right things, but Jada is taking this seriously and wants marriage, so she’s cautious. Jada talks about her ex cheating on her and she’s unsure about Chris and the career that he has, traveling and working. Chris opens up about how he didn’t treat his ex’s right because he wasn’t ready to settle down, but he says it taught him how to treat girls the right way — I’m still not sold on this guy being able to settle down with Jada.

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Jocelyn Returns!

Tyler and Isabella pop a bottle of the bubbly on their date that night while they try to learn more about each other. Isabella’s parents have been together for 26 years and she wants that kind of relationship. They both want children, which convinces Isabella that Tyler is his soulmate. They talk about his daily routine and Tyler shares his gym and reflection routine. Tyler wonders if this is all too good to be true too.

The Brandin and Jona match was a surprise to the therapists because Brandin is closed off while Jona is emotional (I think I just said that). In a tennis game, they are both having fun and she says that Jona makes her feel comfortable, but I don’t see her opening up much emotionally.

Tyler and Isabella tell the therapist that they are ready to enhance their relationship and want to build on what they have. However, they are starting hot and want to make sure their connection doesn’t cool. When asked if he has any doubts, Tyler said that he thinks everything is too good to be true that he wants to make sure she’s genuine. Now Isabella wants to make sure that Tyler trusts her and wonders now if they are ready to move forward. Tyler needs to move forward from the fact that Isabella was on another show and just focus on his feelings for her now.

Eric and Katie love to travel and have instant chemistry, but Katie seems nervous to move forward to the suite. Katie thinks Eric is kind, caring and funny and wants to give it her all, but Eric senses that she’s uncomfortable sharing the same bed just yet, so he decides to sleep on the couch until she’s more comfortable. What a gentleman.

Brandin and Jona decide to start a honeymoon, but Brandin also said she wants the process to get to know him without the physical aspect of the relationship right now. Jona, who is extremely physical, let Brandin set the pace but is okay with her decision. Something tells me that Jona will be on that couch longer than Eric will.

Kimber and Shannon have a strong physical relationship and want to move into the suite, but are they connected emotionally? Kimber is tempted to move in, but the decision to not have kids still weighs on her mind. They decide to move in together mainly because they live on opposite sides of the country and Kimber wants to see how Shannon is in a living situation because she won’t move to Atlanta without knowing that.

Tyler and Isabella believe that they have love-at-first-sight, but will reality knock them down to size? They decide to take a chance and move in, but Tyler slept on the couch too.

Okay, now Jada and Chris — who already have a rocky relationship — have to decide if they are going to try the suite. Chris wants Jada to open up to moving in together and Jada wants to get to know him, but sleeping together might cloud that. Chris offers to sleep on the couch to make her feel comfortable. Jada thought that was a kind gesture and thought it was respectful. Hold onto your hat.

The next morning, Day 5, the couples talk to each other and Jada says that Chris doesn’t seem like a player, but (insert Scooby Doo’s Ruh Roh!) here comes Jocelyn! Jocelyn felt that Chris was pressured into making a decision and if they had more time he would’ve picked her. She and Chris go off to talk, but Chris asks Jada if she’s cool with it first. Chris tells Jocelyn it’s nice to see her and that she looks nice. Jocelyn reminds him what he said those first days, especially his stronger connection. Jocelyn tells Chris that she wants to see where it goes with him. Credits roll. Zoinks!


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