Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Lyrsa Torres: ‘On The First Day I Put The Target On Me’

Survivor is tough enough as it is, without people referring to you as “weak.” It’s an assumption based on appearance, withouth knowing anything at all about Lyrsa Torres. As we saw on this week’s episode, Lyrsa is anything but weak, but in the game of Survivor, it’s often the strong ones that are sent home first.

If you missed any of the action, you can catch up with our Episode 6 Recap, as well as checking out the Podcast below.


Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Lyrsa Torres:

For lasting 17 days in the game, Lyrsa was put through the ringer. Placed on the David tribe, she had a total of nine votes against her, in her three trips to Tribal Council. Each time she went, she was expected to go home, but she kept on finding ways to cling to life in the game. As she stated during her final episode, this time it was Mike White who was holding onto her thread of hope in the game. But as Gabby also said during the episode, “Hope is not a strategy” on Survivor, or not a good one at least. There wasn’t much Lyrsa could do for herself once her tribe was annihilated during the Immunity Challenge, but she managed to stay true to herself until the very end. Ultimately Mike decided that he needed to keep the Goliaths in the majority heading into the merge, and he was able to get Nick to flip on Lyrsa. She left the game with a unanimous blindside vote against her…but she kept her jacket at least.

I had the chance to speak with Lyrsa today on the FilmSurvivor Podcast (the full audio of which you can find and download at the bottom of this article). Here are some highlights from the interview:


On why she thinks everyone kept referring to her as “weak”:

Lyrsa Torres: I think on the first day I put the target on me, when they chose me, they just assumed that I was the weakest and that the others were strong. And then I go and open my mouth: ‘I’m tiny and I’m chunky! Hello people!’ So I think that I took part in people underestimating me but I don’t think I did bad on challenges. Like yeah, I wasn’t first, I’m not Johnny Mundo, hello. But I’m not the worst one either. I’ve never seen myself as being a liability at the challenges. Yes, maybe we weren’t first, but it was never me that cost the challenge.

Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Lyrsa Torres: ‘On The First Day I Put The Target On Me’

On her thoughts toward Angelina:

Lyrsa: You see this person who is willing to vote a person out to get a jacket because they’re cold. Sorry, that is petty. And outside of the game, she’s a very sweet person, but inside of the game it says a lot. You’re willing to weigh more on something that is material. I mean I know it’s needed. But why are you not valuing the person and what I can bring to your game? To me it said a lot, about how she was playing and how far she was willing to go to achieve her goals.

Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Lyrsa Torres: ‘On The First Day I Put The Target On Me’

For much more from Lyrsa Torres, including my full interview, please listen to the latest episode of the FilmSurvivor Podcast by clicking here.

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