Total Divas Recap: Is Lana Finally Ready to Have a Baby?

On this week’s edition of Total Divas, there’s a lot of baby talk going on! First, cute couple and baby alert, it’s all about Bryan and Brie Bella and their baby Birdie. In this edition, it seems that the big Bulgarian brute, Rusev, is having baby pangs and later, a visit to the Bryan house only makes it worse. At 32-years-old, he’s starting to wonder if he and Lana are ever going to have kids. Does Lana change her mind and want to start having children?

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Paige is struggling to figure out what life beyond the ring would look like since she can’t wrestle anymore due to injury. She’s getting ready for another WWE event, but she talks to behind-the-scenes announcer Dasha about what she would be doing if she wasn’t in the WWE. Dasha says she would be a doctor. Lana shares that she was once a receptionist at a hair salon. Paige was a telemarketer, bouncer, and bartender, but never really had a summer job. Her one goal was professional wrestling, a family vocation and now she has to think about what else she could do. This is hard for her, especially since she didn’t go to school.

Total Divas Recap: Is Lana Finally Ready to Have a Baby?

Lana’s first ever qualifying match for Money in the Bank is that night and she’s extremely nervous. Trinity (Naomi) talks to her about how big it and Nattie gives Lana an over-the-phone pep talk. Three weeks prior to this event, Lana didn’t think she’d ever wrestle again, so she recognizes how important this is. Lana does extremely well in her match as the fans chant “Lana Day” and she wins and moves forward. Lana wants to scream she’s so excited.

Trinity is excited for Lana and they talk about her needing one move that’s all her own for the upcoming match.

Paige shows up at Nia’s house in Orlando and — wanting to experience what a real job is like, Paige challenges Nia to a competition. Paige takes Nia to a local pizza place where whoever does a better job will win $250. The competitor in Nia is stoked for the opportunity.

Total Divas Recap: Is Lana Finally Ready to Have a Baby?

Lana asks Bryan to help her with training for the ladder match and he agrees. Rusev and Lana show up at Brie and Bryan’s house and Rusev can’t believe how big Birdie got. Nicole thinks it’s weird that Brie and Bryan are training Lana and not Rusev. Lana says that Rusev tends to be harsh on her during training. The conversation turns back to children and Brie said that when she held Birdie for the first time it was like she knew that this was the purpose of life.

While Lana is training with Bryan and Brie, Rusev and Nicole take Birdie out to see San Diego. What happens is that Rusev gets Nicole to agree to throw Birdie a first birthday party — even though her first birthday was more than a month earlier. Birdie’s first birthday was just Nicole and Brie since Bryan was on the road. Nicole is nervous that Brie will get mad but plans to blame Rusev if things go wrong.

The wanna-be dad in Rusev kicks in and he decides to incorporate some of the Bulgarian traditions he would have for his children, including games where Birdie chooses her career and where they take Birdie’s footprints in bread. While Nicole is loving what they are doing for her niece, she is still frantic that Brie and Bryan will hate it.

Nia and Paige joke that they should have their own show where they travel the world trying new jobs — ala Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. At the pizzeria, Paige was very nervous taking orders, but Nia jumped in. Paige gets in trouble for playing on her phone. Nia said she doesn’t know if Paige’s personality is suited for a regular job that has rules. Nia is chosen as a winner at the pizzeria. Now Paige wants a best out of three — this is hilarious.

Bryan teaches Lana how to carry and move the ladder, while Nicole and Rusev talk about him wanting babies. Unfortunately, Lana doesn’t seem ready because she wants to accomplish things still in the WWE and doesn’t want to stop to have a baby. It’s a great year for women wrestlers and Lana feels like she would have to give up so much.he says she’s finally getting a match — women are doing so much and she would have to give up so much.

For round two of the competition, Nia and Paige want to try riding pedicabs. Paige is convinced that Nia will hate it. Paige wonders if she can even drive it in a straight line. Paige won the pedicab competition. Now it’s round three to break the tie.

At dinner, Nicole, Brie, Lana and Bryan are talking about babies because Rusev says “My clock is ticking.” Rusev tells Lana that she asked for a year and it’s time again. Lana is trying to convince Rusev that she’s enjoying wrestling right now and doesn’t want to give that up. Brie and Nicole are on Lana’s side. I’m surprised that they are having this personal of a conversation in front of the Bella twins. The Bellas tell Rusev that since she’s putting her body and career on the line for a child, it’s her choice.

Nia and Paige head to a local bowling alley for their third and final competition which included cleaning dirty bowling pins, retrieving a stuck bowling ball and searching through mounds of garbage for the glasses of a cute little old lady. Paige quits and Nia wins. I would honestly watch a show with both of them going through many different occupations. Step aside Nicole and Paris!

Lana continues her training and comes up with an on-ladder kick that Brie tells her is really good and will make her stand out. Brie talks to Lana about what to do with Rusev and Brie tells her that she needs to follow her gut and she’ll know when it’s the right time.

Although Nicole was scared, the party for Birdie is adorable and Brie and Bryan are happy that it was done. Brie was happy that Bryan got to be a part of something he missed. In case you were wondering, Birdie crawled to the chef occupation. She’s so cute.

Rusev and Lana have what seems to be an awkward conversation on the porch. She needs to tell him that she’s not ready for a baby. Rusev says don’t worry we’re not going to have one. Lana is confused, but Rusev explains that he was being selfish and undermining what Lana wants. It’s not the right time, so they’ll wait. Lana is happy and they kiss. The best part is when Rusev comes out as a clown as Birdie’s party. I’ll never look at the Bulgarian Brute the same way again.


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