90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Is Promoting A Dating App


90 Day Fiance Jay Smith Is Promoting A Dating App

It’s pretty obvious that fans of 90 Day Fiance are in need of some light and amusing news.  How’s this for a comedic interlude?  Jay Smith is promoting a dating app.  Weirdly enough, all indicators point to Ashley Martson being on board with the new business venture.

This news comes mere days after Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance reunion aired.  During the show, Jay spent most of his time struggling to defend himself after he was caught talking with a girl he met on a dating app.

Jay’s promo was shared by reality TV enthusiast, John Yates, on his Instagram.  In it, Jay said, “It’s your boy Jay Skinz from 90 Day Fiance.  I’m here representing the app called Liming Tree.  Never, ever, ever make the mistake like me and go on Tinder.  Instead, LimingTree is right there baby. Come on now.  LimingTree is an app that you can go and you socialize with friends, meet with new friends, you can have new friends to go to party with.”

Is Jay trying to emphasize the word “friends” here or something?  If LimingTree is trying to differentiate itself from Tinder as being a perfectly innocent app geared towards platonic socializing then it makes sense.  That or Jay has learned nothing from being caught using Tinder within the first week of marriage.

Jay continued, “And there’s a lot of Jamaicans on it as well.  So you can have your Jamaican shorty or Jamaican party.”

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Fans were quick to point out that Jay filmed the video in the bedroom he presumably still shares with Ashley. Did Ashley approve this promotional partnership? Maybe that was the point of filming the promo in the bedroom with a Mr. and Mrs. sign on the wall.

It may be there is no deeper meaning at all.  But it does seem that Ashley and Jay are still living together.  Has she forgiven him too?

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