90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Shocking Moments; And Are They Still A Couple?

Reality TV has a way of peeling back the layers.  Add to that two cast members that are very active on social media and what we are left with is a lot of conflicting information.  Just a week after their TV marriage aired, and mere days before the season finale, Instagram sleuths are questioning whether Jay Smith and Ashley Martson are even still a couple.  More on that later.

From the season premier to the season finale of 90 Day Fiance, viewers have seen Ashley and Jay deal with a lot of external issues.  Health problems, racism, and wedding sabotage plagued this couple both onscreen and off.  Other than that, they could have been a bit of a bland duo.  They actually seemed kind of happy in the beginning.  So before we get our closure on the season finale this weekend, here’s a rundown of some of the shocking moments that went down off screen.

Wedding And Relationship Undermined

There have been several attempts to derail Ashley and Jay’s wedding.  Viewers of the show saw the couple react to bigoted and racist messages posted on their wedding website.  Ashley later confirmed on her Instagram that the poster was a former high school classmate.

Also, their wedding photos were leaked from a ceremony they had previously in Jamaica.  The culprit is still unknown.

But the most vocal critic of this relationship was Ashley best friend Natalie.  Natalie was featured on the show but she made it known both onscreen and off that she didn’t approve of Jay.  Natalie was also the “friend” that threatened to leak Ashley’s very troubling past to the press.

Ashley Martson Reveals Lupus Diagnosis

During the course of the season, Ashley has endured a total of three hospital visits.  All of these stays were presumably due to her lupus diagnosis.  Ashley chose to share this information with the public mid-season after fans noticed that she appeared ill during her scenes.

The second hospital visit was December 12th.  Less than two weeks later, Ashley was admitted back on Christmas Eve.  Her husband Jay appeared to have visited her on Christmas.  According to an article by People, Jay posted an image of himself in a hospital room on his Instagram story.

90 Day Fiance Ashley and Jay

As if missing Christmas with her family wasn’t enough, when Ashley was finally discharged, she found that her car had been hit in the parking lot.  Reality TV blogger John Yates can be credited for sharing this and Ashley’s screenshot above.  In it she expressed her frustration, “someone smashed the whole right side of my brand new car while it was parked.  Welcome to the life of Ashley!  I’m thankful they left a note with insurance information.”

Have Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Split?

Fans have speculated as to whether Ashley’s health problems are connected to stress in her relationship.  It seems that in the days prior to the third hospital stay on Christmas, Jay and Ashley had unfollowed each other on Instagram, and also deleted all pictures of each other.  Jay also posted a very telling message, “it happens, it is what it is.  I cannot go back in time and change the past.  I can only create a brighter future and make up for whosever heart I have broken.”  Once again, blogger John Yates was able to capture the post before if was removed.

Certainly, if Ashley’s health is being affected by her relationship, it may be time to focus on what is more valuable.

90 Day Fiance Ashley and Jay


If Ashley and Jay have indeed split it may not come as a surprise.  There were a lot of practical reasons why the odds were stacked against them.  Their age difference, Jay’s womanizing tendencies, and the fact that they had to marry in order to get Jay legal residence status.  But Ashley was someone you wanted to root for anyway.  Hopefully they make it.  If not, next time maybe it’s better to keep your vacation life and your everyday life separate.


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