Dina Lohan Dishes On Celebrity Big Brother Strategy, Hookups, & Future Reality TV Shows

Lindsay Lohan is not the only Lohan family member making a return to reality TV. Her infamous momager Dina Lohan will be a part of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. This means that she will be locked up in a house without the ability to watch Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Even though Dina will not be able to keep in touch with Lindsay and her other children while she’s in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Lindsay helped her prepare. Plus, if Lindsay wants to see what’s up to she can just check out the live feeds or tune into the show itself, which will be on a few times a week starting January 21.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dina revealed, [Lindsay] packed my suitcase for me. She gave me a list of things.”  So what did Lindsay pack?  Dina shared, “She got all this makeup for the house or to share with everyone there. You know, she way over packed. I’m not allowed to bring it all, but it’s better to have more than less, I guess.” What’s the strategy there? Is the plan to win over her fellow houseguests with makeup?  Then again, I wouldn’t mind some free makeup.

How will Dina handle being in the house? She explained, “I’m not a fighter. I’m kind of a lover, but I’m definitely gonna be a little quiet in the beginning ‘cause I wanna see who people are and what they’re about.” In a video shared on the Big Brother Twitter account, Dina shared similar sentiments, but with a kick possible punch at the end. Dina remarked, “I’m a lover, not a fighter. So, hopefully, we won’t have to put our boxing gloves on.”

During the Entertainment Tonight interview, Dina discussed the possibility of hooking up in the house. She revealed, “I’m sort of seeing someone. That’s hard ‘cause I talk to him every day so that’s pretty hard.” She declared, “No [I won’t be hooking up]! That’s what the kids do.” That’s probably for the best, considering the twenty-four seven live internet feeds.

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If Celebrity Big Brother goes well, Dina has her sights set on another reality TV show. She admitted, “I’d love to do Dancing With the Stars.” She explained, “My mother, we watch that show all the time. I get nervous for the performers though. I taught dance too, so I get a little nervous for them. My mother’s like, ‘They get hurt on that show. You’re gonna get hurt.’”

Is a Dina Lohan comeback in the works? Not that she was ever really “famous” for anything other than her daughter. Nevertheless, she’s definitely provided some… entertaining moments throughout the years. I’m ready for more juicy soundbites. Let’s hope she delivers this season!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]