JWoww Claims Husband Roger Mathews Attacked Her & Gathered Her Exes To Plot Against Her

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley has given viewers countless iconic moments over the years on Jersey Shore. Fans saw her relationship with Roger Mathews grow and eventually lead to marriage. Their marriage came to a screeching halt when JWoww announced last September she filed for divorce. The fairy tale marriage is over and a vicious back and forth has unfolded.

We started to wonder what was happening with their marriage last season. Roger was almost entirely absent from the series. JWoww attended a couple’s trip to Atlantic City last season with costar Vinny Guadagnino instead of Roger. 

JWoww shocked everyone when she posted a lengthy statement on her website which included a video of Roger throwing her to the ground. TMZ broke down all of her claims of abuse against Roger. It just sounds horrific. In her statement, the reality star alleges longstanding abuse over the duration of her marriage.

In the video JWoww shared, Roger grabs her and throws her to the ground. TMZ said it sounds like he says, “You wanna get violent?” Clearly, a very volatile situation is unfolding in the series of clips she shared. You can hear the couple’s children yelling in the background, which makes the situation even scarier.

The explosive drama does not just involve JWoww and Roger. Longtime fans of Jersey Shore might remember JWoww’s ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis. They dated during the first three seasons. The pair broke up and she claimed he was possessive and abusive.

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In her statement, JWoww says that Roger reached out to her allegedly abusive ex to “team up”.  She claims that the two joined forces in an attempt to “ruin her life”. Apparently, Roger did more than just seek out Tom. She said that Roger also contacted additional ex-boyfriends to “take her down.”

JWoww wrote, “It is inconceivable that you personally researched the whereabouts and contacted ex-boyfriends of mine to inflict harm upon me after I filed for divorce and you were removed from the home as a result of a temporary restraining order. It is unfathomable to me that because of you proactively contacting an ex-boyfriend of mine to team up against me, he was arrested for trying to extort money from me.”

JWoww told Roger, “I confided in you about my painful past as a survivor of domestic violence. How shameful that you used it to beat me down farther.”

JWoww’s relationship with Tom also escalated to a physical level. JWoww revealed years ago that Tom once tossed her down a flight of stairs before filming the third season of Jersey Shore. Police recently arrested Tom stemming from an attempt to blackmail her. If that isn’t crazy enough, she alleges that Roger was behind the extortion plot!

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JWoww furthers the allegations against Roger by discussing his misleading image in the public eye as a parent. In her statement, she says that Roger is often neglectful of their children’s needs and medical conditions. The couple’s son Greyson was recently diagnosed with Autism and requires extra attention and care.

Her statement said, “What is your actual truth? What is your reality? Is it the video you took of yourself while driving the children, placing them at risk because you cannot take the camera off of yourself even for a minute while operating a vehicle? Is it the pizza that you fed to our 2 year old son who is highly allergic to gluten and dairy, placing him in serious medical jeopardy?”


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