90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Feuds With Jon Walters Over Comments About Ricky Reyes

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has expanded enough that, within the cast of characters, there are personalities that bicker and feud.  And fans get a ring-side seat to all the drama because everything is shared on social media.  So which duo got into it this week?  Combative Cameo enthusiast Jon Walters had some choice words for Ashley Martson.  This is surprising because these two were not costars in the same season.  The common denominator in this story is Ricky Reyes.

On March 9th, Ricky checked himself into the hospital.  He decided to seek help for his mental state.  Ashley posted a message in support of Ricky’sdecision. Then,  Jon questioned her authenticity.  The two have been going back and forth takinpassive-aggressiveve jabs at each other.

According to an article by In Touch Weekly, Reality TV blogger John Yates shared the news of Ricky’s situation on his Instagram.  “[Ricky] wasn’t feeling great mentally on Wednesday and decided to be proactive thank God and seek mental help voluntarily,” Yates wrote.

Ashley posted a supportive response and message to her Instagram Story.  Then continued with  “I’m beyond proud of him.  Such a brave and responsible decision [Ricky].  Maybe you trolls should leave him TF alone.”

This message didn’t resonate well with Jon who responded, “When you know they only posted about Ricky because he was getting [too] much media attention.”  He continued, “pretending to care [is] way more disgusting [than] not giving a s–t.”

Ashley’s response was lengthy and meandering, “I don’t need anyone to keep me relevant.  Sorry to say but my 15 min aren’t quite up so relevancy isn’t an issue for me.  Nor do I care how relevant I am.”

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She also took some personal jabs, “what some people should be more concerned about is probably not trashing people on social media and bettering themselves if they ever want to enter a country that the odds of doing so are pretty much impossible.  I can see why you have been in 60 fights.  Now go get dinner from your mommy and clean up your air bnb!  Thank you next.”

Ashley then implied Jon was a scammer. She wrote, “no k1 visa ever cost 10,000 so unless you’re plan is to get a gold plated visa, quit pushing cameos claiming it costs so much!”

No one would expect Jon to step away from confrontation.  John Yates posted a screenshot of the rebuttal.  Jon said, “only someone desperate for fans would think ‘relevance’ or lack of would be an insult.  I matter to my mom, my wife, and to Lucy and Ella and that’s all I care about.”  Jon set the technical aspects straight, “not applying for a K1.”  And “11k is how much we need to pay the lawyer to file and represent us.”

What better way to end than with an existential statement, “the life we shared and continue to share is 100% authentic-toxic free without drama and bad acting and fake Sm toll accounts.  You’re both shallow, materialistic, and gross opportunist who would sell their souls for more airtime.  Your 15 minutes will run out no matter how much TV drama you create because without the drama you’re dull.”

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