Meet The Ladies From Bravo’s New Show Texicanas!

Buckle up, Bravo lovers. There’s a new docuseries in town. Texicanas, a brand new show, will be premiering soon on a small screen near you.

The story follows the daily lives of six Mexican women in San Antonio, Texas. Though the premise may sound a little similar to the Real Housewives franchise, fear not. This fun group of girls have got a unique series with a unique twist!

The network announced the news in an exclusive with Page Six including a sparkly teaser-trailer and some special tea on the girls. Unlike some of the other docuseries style programming on Bravo, ‘Texicanas’ will be narrated from the perspective of only one of the women, Penny Ayarzagoitia. It will premiere May 7th at 10pm EST.

Penny, a self-proclaimed “free spirit” was born in the United States. She grew up in Mexico. “Everybody knows everyone in San Antonio especially if you’re Mexican,” she says foreshadowing her dancing around all the drama. Let’s see if she can twirl around it as nicely as she twirled around that stripper pole in her living room! Penny and her husband Raul have two sons together and run a successful real estate company in town.

So, who are the ladies who make up her “crazy amigas”? Lorena Martinez is the traditionalist of the group. Her husband Ignacio runs a construction company while she takes care of things at home. Jersey much? Lorena was born in a Texan border town, raised in Reynosa Mexico, and is totally giving out “I’m a fun mom,” vibes.

Luz Ortiz prefers to rage against the machine. Luz is a badass real estate agent and mother of three who grew up conservatively in Sonora, Mexico. Currently divorced and a long time resident of San Antonio (17 years!), Luz is “way outside the box,” literally kicking butt as the owner of a successful boxing gym.

Mayra Farret attended fancypants boarding school in Mexico before moving to Texas with her husband Fernando. She got a fancypants finance degree and had a fancypants job in Monterrey, Mexico, and is a so-called, “perfectionist in recovery.” Mayra and her perfect? husband have lived in San Antonio together 9 years.

“While Mayra’s a perfectionist, Anayancy’s a work in progress,” Penny details in the trailer. That’s because Anayancy Nolasco was born in Mexico and is applying to become a U.S. citizen, but the father who spoils is calling her back to Mexico. As the single mom of Ellie, the reason she stayed in Texas after college, Anayancy must go back and forth on what’s best for her.

Last but not least is Karla Ramirez who is definitely not a diva. She’s a spicy Texas native and a mother of two. Karla’s a real boss around town running several businesses alongside her “Grexican” (half Greek half Mexican) husband Manoli Zacharias. I noticed she’s the only one of the group who was both born and raised in the States. The drama looks decent from the trailer, and this is definitely a new kind of group of girls to join the Bravo family. I wonder how they’ll get along.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]