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Married At First Sight Episode Recap- Finale Reunion

On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight it’s the night we have all been waiting for…the reunion!  I think this episode is even more important than the actual finale episode which was shot three months ago. Viewers have waited on the edge of their seats to see the infamous scene between Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo that previewed last week, addressing rumors regarding his sexuality. We will also discover what happened behind the scenes during the experiment and after the cameras left. It’s time to find out who regrets their decision, what secrets are revealed, is Luke in a relationship with a man? I don’t know about you, but I am ready to find out the tea!!!

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller are the first to sit down with the host and AJ instantly becomes annoyed when he asked about issues in the marriage. He calls out the producers and the show  for a “lack of organization and skills.” Ughhh.. .this is the most narcissistic, delusional man I have seen on this show. Nonetheless, sadly, AJ and Steph are still married. SMH…. Next!  Why, Stephanie, Why!!!! I was rooting for you to emancipate yourself before you were slowly isolated from your friends and family. I’m sorry, but I don’t see this lasting even five years. I guess for now, they will remain a match made in a scary lifetime movie.


Will Guess and Jasmine McGriff were one of the two couples that decided to divorce on decision day. Well… Will decided and she just sadly accepted his decision. Jasmine is wearing jeans. She is clearly over this show.  They are officially divorced but have tried to remain friends. The host asks them if there is a chance of reconciliation. Jasmine seems open, but always in control, wants to wait for him to answer, before she confirms. Will, just like he did on the show, refuses to give direct answers and dances around his true feelings.

He claims it’s not as simple as a yes or no and maybe they won’t and maybe they will go on a date in two years. Booooooooooooooo!!!! Will, you are too old not to be able to verbalize what you want, just say no. Jasmine will be old and gray, if she waits on Will. Move on and try not to totally crush a man’s ego on your first couple of dates and there may be hope for you, girl.

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Luke is asked if he was he attracted to his wife, Kate.  Duh, no! He tries to lie and give his go to bs answer, but is pressured to be honest and he finally admits he was disappointed when he saw her walking down the aisle. The next question is even harder and inquiring minds want to know, “why did you have sex with someone, you weren’t attracted to?” Sits on edge of couch to listen closely…  He claims that he was pressured by Kate on their honeymoon because she couldn’t sleep when she is horny…  Kate interrupts and says he initiated cuddling and told him she was open to sex and then acted weird afterward and asked Kate, “do you think I’m a homosexual?”


Turns out, Luke’s Facebook page says he was in a relationship with a man. Kate knew this  pretty early in her marriage because her cousin told her.  When asked why she didn’t confront him about the status, she says it wasn’t appropriate. Ummmm… If I’m sleeping with a man and married to him, it is definitely appropriate to ask.  Luke claims his friend posted that in college as a joke.  Okay… why is it still there? Kate even made a running list of all of the reasons she thought he may be gay. WTH!!!!!

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Well, that list certainly didn’t deter her from having hope. Wow, if you thought they were a bad soap opera before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Luke claims he didn’t want to have sex, but he only did it to make her happy because she couldn’t sleep. Oh, please Luke, she didn’t tie you up. SMH… Will someone take this sociopath to therapy asap? He then plays the victim and explains that he wasn’t having normal reactions to sex and had feelings of sadness afterwards. Kate must have laid on a couch somewhere or had an intervention with friends because she appears confident and direct in her exchanges with Lukecifer.

Even the host isn’t buying the mind games because he lets him know it’s apparent that he is trying to say things for the camera. Okay, just when I thought Kate was doing well, they reveal she has had sex with him after decision day. But, there is a silver lining, Kate has been dating a new guy for two months and feels more like he self since the show ended.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar are still happily married. During the experiment, there were bumps in the road regarding roles and household duties, but that has since been worked out. Keith is ready for kids ASAP and Kristine is determined to wait four years before having a child. This was the couple out of them all that I expected to stay married. Glad to see that they don’t regret signing up for the show or their decision to stay married. Someone has to be happy, if everyone can’t be.

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All the couples rejoin the stage and talk about the things they noticed about the other marriages this season. AJ, per usual is already irritated. Kate and Luke’s tumultuous relationship is highlighted for most of the discussion. The men opt to stay out of their relationship, but the women clearly are on Kate’s side commenting that she clearly was in pain. AJ has the nerve to say he thinks Luke was playing a game of mental warfare. Umm… that is true, but what do you call, what you are doing, going off on your wife every other day? Luke fake cries and apologizes to Kate.

Jasmine is asked about her comments on finances in a marriage which has sparked a large debate among viewers. She doubles down on her stance, and still doesn’t believe a marriage should be 50/50. Kristine and Keith announce they are taking the next step and buying a house.  The group gives their final thoughts for anyone who want to go through the Married At First Sight process.  Most say commit to the experiment and don’t give up, I say don’t do it. The vast majority of the Married At First Sight couples don’t stay together, but as long as it airs, I have no problem watching the shit show unfold.


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