Stephanie Pratt Calls Sister-In-Law Heidi Montag “The Devil”

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: Stephanie Pratt attends the Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala at The Dorchester on October 5, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

It must be time for the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings to start promoting their spinoff show because Stephanie Pratt is suddenly very vocal about her relationship with brother Spencer Pratt, and his wife Heidi Montag.  After all, Heidi and Spencer have been married ten years already.  What could Stephanie possibly say at this point that would make it relevant?

Spencer and Heidi met on the original show, The Hills.  Their blossoming relationship came between Heidi’s friendship with Lauren Conrad and  Spencer quickly became the villain of the cast.  He spirited Heidi away from her support system and was accused of isolating her from family and friends.  But it turns out, according to what Stephanie is saying, that these two are made for each other.

It’s become a war of words between siblings.   Page Six covered the sequence of exchanges in a recent articleSpencer provoked his sister by describing their relationship as, “living with this evil around me.” Stephanie responded by sharing a screenshot of the quote on her Instagram.  She said, “well, you are married to the devil…”  Needless to say, Stephanie is “not on good terms” with Spencer and Heidi.

Stephanie elaborated on the family dysfunction while recording her “Pratt Cast” podcast.  She said, “I’m not going to pretend Spencer and Heidi are good people like I was doing for most of the series, for my parents.  For the [expletive] that they’ve done to me recently, I’m done.”

Stephanie explained why she decided to move overseas.  While in London, she added to her resume by appearing on “Made in Chelsea.”  The hit UK reality show follows the lives of wealthy young people living off their parents’ money in a very posh area of London.  Sound familiar?

Here’s what Stephanie said about putting distance between herself and her brother, “this is why I moved to London. I cannot live near them. They are the most toxic people I’ve ever met. They are Bonnie and Clyde till they die so if they say this sky is black, all of us are morons for saying it’s blue.”

Stephanie continued, “I’ve literally protected her for 10 years.  If it weren’t for Heidi, I would have an epic relationship with my brother, so would my parents.  But Heidi does not want my brother to be connected to my mom, dad or me.”

Heidi fired back on her own podcast called “Make Speidi Famous Again.”  She said, “I’m going to let it be known that it’s not okay to let yourself be treated a certain way, and you do need to stand up and you do need to have boundaries, family, not family, friends.”

It sounds like fans are in for a season full of drama.  The Hills: New Beginnings will premiere Monday, June 24th.


[Photo Credit-   Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]