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Luann de Lesseps Weighs In On Real Housewives Of New York Casting Rumors

It is always tough when a new housewife joins a cast.  Most of these people are not actually friends offscreen. They are casual acquaintances at best.  So when a new lady gets thrown into the mix, you never know if there will be chemistry or not.  And last season, there was decidedly not chemistry with Barbara Kavovit and the rest of the Real Housewives of New York.  I know what you’re thinking… “Barbara who?”  Right there with, ya’, friends.  Literally the only thing I remember about Babs is the obscene amount of body glitter she wore during the reunion.

Barbara’s bad chemistry is our good fortune, because now we get to spend the off-season speculating about whether we will get a replacement New York Housewife for next season.   Allegedly, Ramona Singer wants her good friend Missy Pool to join the cast.  Missy is the ex-girlfriend of Tom D’Agostino, the man to whom Luann de Lesseps was married for 2.2 seconds.  If that is true, either Ramona is a terrible person or she really, really hates LuAnn.  Or both.

I guess Ramona’s motivations don’t matter, because LuAnn was recently on The Michelle Collins Show and said that the producers already cast someone else!  LuAnn wouldn’t reveal who, but a recent Page Six article lists a whole slew of potential candidates.

According to Page Six, Taja Cone, the wife of former New York Yankee player David Cone, has auditioned for the show four times.  Taja believes that her “life is perfect” for reality tv.  She didn’t specify WHY her life is perfect, beyond the fact that her husband is a former Yankee.  Taja, you need a little more than a spouse who is former athlete to make it as a housewife.  Just ask Jeana Keough.  Or Meghan Edmonds.

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Deidre Scaramucci, the on-again, off-again wife of former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci claims that she was interviewed for the show.  Deidre claimed that despite four Skype interviews, the producers ultimately “decided to go in another direction.”

According to Deidre, it doesn’t matter because she would have turned down the job.  Considering that her husband was Director of Communications for a shorter period of time than LuAnn was married to Tom, maybe Anthony should have taken a page from Deidre’s book and turned down the White House job!

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It is also rumored that New York socialite Libbie Mugrabi is dying to be on the show.  Libbie denies those claims saying “I don’t want anything to do with that.”  Good call, Libbie.  Anthony, take note!

Elizabeth Vizzone is a “home stager” (how is that a real job?) in New York, and claims that she is going through the interview process.  I have to believe that if someone is actually being interviewed to be on the show, the producers have told said someone to keep their mouths shut about said interview process.  They usually like to make a big production about revealing the new ladies.

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According to a source, despite the fact that there are more women vying to be on the show than there are women making out with Tom at the Regency,  it is hard to find new housewives because “nobody with integrity is going to go on a reality show like that.”  And that is good news for us, because we want our Housewives with as much drama and as little integrity as possible.


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