Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Walks For First Time After Over A Year In A Wheelchair

Dance Moms viewers love Abby Lee Miller. Dance Moms viewers hate Abby Lee Miller. And then there are a lot of people in between. In short, she’s polarizing.

Nevertheless, no matter how you feel about her, it’s hard not to root for her given her recent health struggles. She went through cancer, a spinal surgery, and she has been in a wheelchair for over a year.

On a recent episode of The Doctors, Abby stood up after being confined to a wheelchair since April 2018. Abby shared a video from the big moment on her Instagram page.

The Dance Moms star admitted, “Watching this made me cry!”

She also wrote, “Thank you @thedoctorstv for letting me share my story with the world! Dr. Lawrence Piro, Dr. Hooman Mellomed, Dr. Christopher Boudakian, Dr. Simoni for your wisdom and kindness. My PT was so amazing, CRI is the best! I’m not nearly as strong as I was during this taping. I have a long way to go – if there’s 1 thing I know, it’s that I’m a fighter and there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’!”

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On the episode, Abby’s oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro shared, “We’re in a position where her spine is stable, so that’s an important part of recovery. That’s really good news.”

He had a very optimistic outlook, declaring, “And every evidence is that she should be able to recover.”

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He also said, “But I think that the most important ingredient in her recovery, and what is going to determine her possibility for the future, is her own ability to work at rehab. Three weeks ago, we replaced her knee so that would stop being an impediment to standing, bearing weight and walking.”

After three weeks of rehabbing that knee, the oncologist said, “I want to put this to the real test. I want to see if she can stand on her own with all of us.” And she did. She got up and took her first steps in a long time.

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She confessed, “This is scary, you have no idea” while the audience clapped in support.