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Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Lauri Peterson Visits Son Josh Waring In Jail After He Suffers Injuries In Attack By Fellow Inmate

This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County made me a bit nostalgic for old school OC. A gentler, more innocent time when married Housewives didn’t make out with each other in restaurants like Tamra Judge and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Or troll around looking for random men to lock lips with like Shannon Beador. I have a feeling that the City Council of quaint and sedate Del Mar, California held an emergency session to adopt an immediate ban on all future Housewife filming!

One old school Housewife who always stood out for me is Lauri Peterson, whose Playboy mansion party attendance was probably her raciest moment. Which looks pretty conservative now! After Lauri married George Peterson, she faded away to Former Housewife Land. During Lauri’s time on the show, her son Josh Waring’s troubles with substance abuse and the law were an ongoing storyline. Josh has been incarcerated since 2016 after being arrested for suspicion of attempted murder.

Lauri recently shared a disturbing update on Josh. She told Us Weekly, “I am horrified, sad, brokenhearted, disgusted and appalled by my son’s condition.” She shared photos of Josh with the magazine, revealing gruesome injuries that required multiple stitches to his face and 20 staples on his chest following an attack by another inmate in an Orange County jail.

How did this occur while he was behind bars? Lauri went on to explain, “This situation should never have been allowed to happen as Josh is SEP, which is that he is never allowed contact with anyone! He is in a module that everyone in it is in protective custody for varying reasons and never allowed to have contact with each other or anyone.”

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Josh was charged in June of 2016 with not only suspicion of attempted murder, but also assault and battery, vehicle theft and felony evading police. His bail was set for over $1 million dollars. Josh was later ordered to stand trial for attempted murder in December of 2016. Lauri and George had already adopted Josh’s daughter Kennady before his arrest.

Further supporting her son, Lauri declared, “Josh is innocent for what he has been falsely accused of. He is innocent!” Having your child behind bars must be devastating for Lauri. His innocence, of course, will be decided by the courts.

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This is not the first time Josh has been attacked while behind bars, according to Lauri. She stated, “I’m tired of hearing that it was a “mistake” that they let inmates in to kill Josh. I do not believe any longer that these are simply mistakes.”

Lauri went on to claim, “I believe that certain deputies are facilitating these incidents to cause harm, and even death, to my son due to his litigation against the county.” Josh is currently a plaintiff in a civil rights lawsuit against Orange County.

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Shockingly, Lauri alleges that Josh was also shot with “several rounds of pepper-balls by a deputy into his cell when he was sleeping.”

Further detailing what she believes to be Josh’s current situation, Lauri exclaimed, “A dead man can’t talk. A dead man can’t litigate! Josh’s life is in danger! This torture must stop! This really adds insult to injury!”

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No matter whether Josh is innocent or not, no one should be put in a position where they can be attacked in jail. Unfortunately, when you are behind bars , you are going to be surrounded by people who often don’t have much to lose and may lash out at you. Your safety will always be at risk, which must be terrifying for both Lauri and Josh.

According to Us Weekly, a judge denied Josh’s motion to dismiss his case in March. His next court date is set for October 18. Josh’s first trial was ruled a mistrial due to his right to a speedy trial being violated. If convicted, he faces multiple life sentences.

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