90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

It’s that time of year again: 90 Day Fiance is back!!! This time we have new couples determined to make their love last. This season promises to follow seven new couples who have age gaps, communication issues, and a whole lot of drama. Now that they are engaged each pair must marry within 90 days of arriving in the U.S. or face leaving the country.

You may notice some familiar faces this season. Angela Deem, and Michael Ilesanmi are back. These two are well known for their crazy antics, especially Angela. I am looking forward to seeing how Michael fares in the U.S. Michael, the offer still remains, blink twice into the camera if you need help!

Anna, 38 (Bellevue, Nebraska) and Mursel, 38 (Turkey)

90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

Anna and Mursel are the first couple we meet in the new season. Anna is a divorced single mother of three, while Mursel is Muslim and lives in Turkey. Despite their language barrier, a common interest of beekeeping is what brought these two together. After finding each other in a beekeepers’ Facebook group, Mursel requested Anna as a friend. Anna recently spent some time in Turkey with Mursel.  Four months after meeting, he proposed to her. As soon as Anna returned from her trip, she applied for the K1 Visa. Anna’s children worry they won’t like their new stepdad- to- be when he arrives in the U.S.

Despite their strong connection, Mursel is keeping Anna’s three children a secret from his family, since they don’t approve of having children out of wedlock. Anna meets with one of her oldest friends to catch up. Her friend isn’t sold on her relationship and thinks it may be her biggest mistake to date.  Anna starts to worry about whether she made the right decision bringing Mursel to the U.S. Despite their cultural and language differences, the two want to give their relationship a chance.

After watching these two attempt to have a conversation in the airport, I could only shake my head.  Mursel even introduces Anna to a random man he just met in the airport in one of the most cringy scenes of the entire episode. I almost thought the guy expected a ride home, the way he hung around for so long. I definitely think this couple may provide some great GIFs before the season is over.

Michael, 41 (Greenwich, Connecticut) and Juliana, 23 (Brazil)

90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

Michael and Juliana met while partying in Croatia. He enjoys traveling while Juliana is working on her budding modeling career. There is at least a 20 year age difference between the two. Juliana is actually closer in age to his kids, than him. SMH… Michael applied for a tourist visa for Juliana to come to America, but it was denied.  Shortly after, Michael realized he wanted to be with Juliana long term, so he proposed and filed for her K1 Visa. He even considered moving to Brazil, but he didn’t want to leave his children. He has an ex-wife and two children, who Juliana hasn’t yet met. Michael believes coming to America will be a reality check for Juliana. She’s only seen the fun part of Michael’s life, not all the responsibilities he has as a father and businessman.

Michael takes his children to see his new house he bought to live with Juliana. Unbeknownst to Juliana, the house is extremely close to his ex-wife’s who he still has a friendly relationship with. His ex-wife worries about Juliana interacting with their children since she has no authority over them.

Tania, 29 (Colchester, Connecticut) and Syngin, 29 (South Africa)

90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

Tania met Syngin during a failed trip to South Africa to meet another man she met on a dating app. When things didn’t work out with the original guy, Tania flirted with a bartender who ended up being Syngin. The connection must have been strong because she went home with him that night. She then decided to stay with her boo in South Africa for over 2 months.

Now, they’re working on bringing Syngin to Connecticut on a K1 Visa. Their instant connection, may have caused the couple to overlook some major differences. The two come from completely different backgrounds and Tania is the first woman that he has dated outside of his race. To save money, Syngin and Tania will be living in a shed behind her mother’s house.  Although Tania’s mother liked Syngin, she thinks he could be a slacker.  To make matters worse, Tania and Syngin aren’t on the same page about having children in their future.

Tania’s sister, Tianna, doesn’t think Syngin knows what he is getting into with her sister. During lunch, Tianna cautions Tania on driving away her man. She is newly married and can already see some personality traits in Tania that may ruin her relationship once they live together. Living in a shed behind your girlfriend’s mother’s house is enough to drive anyone apart.

Tania is excited to finally pick up her man from the airport. She enlists the help of her two best friends to join her to welcome Syngin. From the amount of sex toys and lube she has bought, I am surprised she invited her friends to go with her at all. Well, at least she didn’t show up with a picture of him on her shirt.

Emily, 28 (Portland, Oregon) and Sasha, 31 (Russia)

90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

After graduating from college, Emily moved to Russia with the intention of becoming an English teacher. She quickly realized she had idealized what her experience would be like in Russia when she couldn’t speak the language and had no friends. After deciding to get a gym membership, Emily met Sasha, who became her personal trainer. Sasha has been divorced twice, with a child from each marriage.

Soon after, Emily became pregnant with Sasha’s third child and now they’re planning to move to America. Emily’s family thinks that she will just be another ex-wife and baby mama. Well… I can’t lie, it does sound highly likely. Sasha hopes to prove that he is more than a “love them and leave them” type of guy. Good luck!

Emily’s family is not only skeptical of her relationship, but also that she has decided to deliver her baby in Russia. After a video call with her sister, it’s obvious that Sasha will have a tough road to win her family’s support. Emily’s sister grills her so hard, she had to end the call because she started not feeling well.

Robert, 41 (Winter Park, Florida) and Anny, 30 (Dominican Republic)

90 Day Fiancé Season Premier Recap: I Want To Kiss You

Robert and Anny met through a mutual friend on social media. After the two talked every day for six months they decided to meet.  Robert booked a cruise with a stopover in the Dominican Republic so that he could finally meet Anny in person. The couple spent only a total of eight hours together before Robert proposed. He has applied for the K1 Visa and now, is doing everything to bring Anny to the U.S. Robert is a single father of a 4-year-old son and works full time as a ride share driver.

Robert has yet to buy his fiancé an engagement ring and something tells me she may be disappointed when he does. Anny seems like she wants to live a life Robert may not be able to provide. Given they only spent a day together, this relationship seems doomed. But stranger things have happened in life and this show, so they may have a chance.

While shopping for some lingerie for Anny, Robert receives a series of texts with just angry emojis. Ummm… I am getting some major crazy vibes. When he calls to find out the issue, he discovers she is upset that she hasn’t received money from him. I hope Anny isn’t in this strictly for money because she will be extremely disappointed. Not only is Robert cheap, but he doesn’t seem like the type to blindly give money to keep a woman.


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