Love Is Blind Star Damian Powers Doesn’t Regret Dumping Giannina Gibelli At The Altar Even Though They Got Back Together

I am still cringing after watching Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers’ failed wedding during the Love Is Blind finale. They both said their vows and then Damian called out Giannina for her inconsistencies and he decided not to marry her. Then, she stormed out, slipped in the mud, and dramatically ripped off a piece of her wedding dress and handed it to Damian. Slight tangent here, but the editing on this made no sense. There was zero mud on her dress when she finally talked to Damian “after” she ran away. Anyway, moving on.

Damian was so into Giannina the entire time. In contrast, she seemed to present a different person to him at each moment. She was way too into her phone and social media instead of forging a bond with her then-fiance. Oh, and she said he wasn’t coming through with the sex. She put this guy through the ringer. I do not blame him for walking away from that roller coaster of a relationship. But, here’s the kicker: they are back together after all that. Wait. What?

The fans saw Giannina and Damian confirm their romance during the Love Is Blind reunion special. For the record, the show was filmed over a year and a half ago. It’s unclear when Damian and Giannina got together, but they seemed pretty solid during the cast gathering.

They talked about their time on the show during a recent episode of E!’s Daily Pop. Giannina and Damian dished on their relationship. Giannina revealed, “After everything went down, I reached out to him because I just wanted to see where we stand. Can we be friends? What happened? Like let’s have a conversation where we’re not riled up and we’re just talking as normal people.” And I’m sure that escaping the camera crew made that a lot easier.

Giannina said, “And then we just talked it out, and we understood where the other person was coming from, ’cause there were so many beautiful moments, and that’s the reason why we’re still together now. We just snuck back into our apartment. He snuck us back in, and we like held each other and healed, and we haven’t been apart since.” Again, I would love to have a clear timeline on this. When did they get back together?

So do these two have plans to ge married in the future? Damian said, “I wouldn’t say that it’s out by any means, but if it’s done, I want to make sure it’s right. I want to make sure it’s the wedding of her dreams.”

Damian also emphasized that he doesn’t regret dumping her on their wedding day. He said, “If I could go back that day and take away that pain from her, 100% I would, but the decision was important for us to have a healthy relationship outside of there, to be best friends first.”

Then he dished on the practical stuff. Damian said, “Marriage comes with so many things, from oh, we’re going to have children, we’re going to move in together, bills are combined, your whole world flips upside down, holidays split now, so all these things in the back of your mind register with it, right?”

And then, in contrast, there’s Giannina. Damian remarked, “And she’s a free spirit, she doesn’t like to be locked down, and it was so tight-framed that I felt in that moment I was doing what was best for us, and I felt like she was doing what was best for us too, but…”


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So why did he leave Giannina at the altar? He pretty much had no choice.

Damian explained, “The engagements were completely up to us, but if we got engaged, we had to show up to the altar And we had to go through the vows, you had to go through everything.”

Still, he didn’t even know for sure what he would do that day. Damian revealed, “But it wasn’t, honestly, until that moment…if you heard me, I was like ‘I do…not.’ And it [is] because I wanted to say ‘I do’ so bad.”

Damian recalled, “It literally was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Those tears were real, and when I rewatch it, I still get like really emotional. It’s still very hard, because I don’t want any woman to ever have to experience that, so it was heartbreaking, but our relationship is healthier than ever.”

Ultimately, Giannina declared, “Everything happens for a reason.” And Instagram ad money and reality TV fame have nothing to do with that reason, right?

[Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images]