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Love Is Blind Star Mark Cuevas Denies Having A Girlfriend During Filming

Is anyone out there NOT obsessed with Love Is Blind? I have to admit, I was a little late to the party, not really being up for yet another reality dating show. They are starting to all feel the same and I just can’t get into the actual love connections. But when I finally did watch, I was immediately sucked in and fully invested. The premise of the show pretty unique. Yes, I know it’s been compared to Married At First Sight but it IS different so don’t at me! I also found each of the love matches hard to stop watching.

One couple that was especially interesting to follow was Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas. After being rebuffed by her top choice Matt Barnett (better known by his last name Barnett), Jessica went rushing into the arms….erm, pod, of her second choice Mark. He was ten years her junior but boy was he head over heels for her. Coming off a rejection, it wasn’t hard to see that she was reaching in this relationship and truthfully, it was the train wreck I couldn’t look away from. Plus, what reality show doesn’t feature a storyline that we all know is going south?

Even though Mark seemed all in, there has now been speculation brewing that he had a girlfriend while the show was being filmed. People reports that on a recent podcast, Mark came out defending himself and categorically denying that he wasn’t anything but single during the show.

He said, “I did not have a girlfriend the whole time. I was single before [going on the show]. Now, being a single man, you’re single, you’re doing your thing. I’d never had a girlfriend before.” He added, “Where was the time to be in a relationship during the experience?”


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Mark believes that all this confusion about his relationship status is the result in the nearly two-year gap between when the show was filmed and when it was aired. “I never had a girlfriend during — I had a girlfriend after the experience. I will say that,” he said. “This is way after the experience, a couple months. I was still figuring out what the hell happened, and then I jumped into a relationship, you do that.”

Mark is currently single, noting that he did have a girlfriend before the show came out. He said of the now-over relationship, “No hard feelings, it just didn’t work out.” While Mark also didn’t end up walking away with love interest Jessica on the show, he maintains that there are no hard feelings, “Anybody you date, they teach you so much,” he said. “I’m thankful for Jess, I’m thankful for all of my past relationships. I just take that in stride.”


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Here’s hoping Mark finds the right girl soon.


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