Heather And Terry Dubrow Casting For A New Reality TV Show

Heather Dubrow has long been gone from Real Housewives of Orange County but that hasn’t slowed her down from being featured on TV and other media platforms. She has long been hawking her Consult Beaute skincare line with husband Terry Dubrow on a home shopping network. Heather also has a podcast (presumably about being a fancy rich lady) and has written two books with Terry, The Dubrow Diet and The Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet. She even appeared on an episode of Terry’s hit show Botched. If you’re on social media, you also might know that Heather has taken to YouTube to welcome us into her house, her closet and even her laundry room.

In short, what aren’t they doing? Clearly, Heather and Terry are finding a way to keep busy after RHOC. They parlayed their rich and opulent personas (Champs! The nickname Fancy Pants!) into a whole empire. I do use the term empire loosely but what else would you call all of the above? Heather and Terry are busy to say the least.

Now they are taking their special set of skills back into the reality TV world. In a recent post on Heather’s Instagram account, she posted an artistic picture of two hands reaching out to each other in front of what I’m assuming is either a sunrise or a sunset. You be the judge. The picture reads, “Now Casting” and continues to give the specifics. “Executive Producers Heather and Terry Dubrow, Trooper Entertainment, and a major cable network are seeking outgoing, dynamic couples who want a relationship makeover for a new series!”

I’m not totally sure what that means and I’m guessing they are purposefully being vague for the sake of finding lots of couples willing to participate in…..something. “Relationship makeover” could mean anything. Emotionally? Physically? Both?


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The post continues, “Are you married, engaged or living together and have been a couple for 6-8 years? Does your relationship feel stale? Have you felt like you’re not your best self and your relationship is suffering for it?” One might wonder who would sign up for help from a former D-list actress and her fame-hungry plastic surgeon husband in their relationship but they do seem to have a solid marriage so who am I to judge?

It finishes up by teasing, “Get ready for an overhaul! Chosen couples will have access to nutritionists, trainers, counselors, and, world-renowned plastic surgeons to revamp your look and love life!” I guess that’s a slightly clearer picture of what to expect but I still wonder what the exact premise of the show would be. Is it a competition? An upbeat feel good show? Clearly, I have lots of questions I need answers to before signing up with my husband.


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Looks like we will be seeing much more of Heather and Terry (and hopefully less of Heather’s laundry room).


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]