90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Critiques American Hygiene & Shopping Habits In Response To Coronavirus

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee’s relationship is one of few success stories from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.  She moved to South Korea from Utah to live with her fiance and his parents.  Some of the initial culture shocks were documented on the show, but since then, Deaven has embraced her new life.  She often shares pictures on Instagram of the amazing food and leisure activities Korea has to offer.

South Korea has been struggling to contain the Covid-19 virus. Currently, their numbers tally at 8,236 people infected. But, they’ve set up an advanced testing and tracking system that has proved successful in slowing down the rate of infections.

According to Deavan, the outbreak is “bad.”  And while people are on alert and stocking up on supplies, it’s nowhere near to the pandemonium that has been documented in stores across America.

But as a mother to daughter Drascilla and son Taeyang, Deavan had a lot to say about how hoarding affects the rest of a community in American society.  Soapdirt published the quotes from Deavan’s Facebook page.

“So I live in Korea,..where the outbreak of the virus is bad,” Deavan wrote, “and I’m hearing crazy stories about Utah.  No toilet paper, no food, people are traveling far just to buy food supplies.  Some families can’t buy baby supplies because of people taking it all.  And I’m over in South Korea where we have the second-highest amount of cases, while Utah has 2.”


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Deavan also finds hygiene practices in America severely lacking.  Seriously, why the obsession with toilet paper?  She compares cleanliness in America with Korea saying, “people in Korea aren’t out of food, we aren’t panicking and stocking up on toilet paper.  We are staying clean, washing our hands, wearing mask to prevent spreading.  So instead of freaking out and taking away food from babies Utah.  How about you jump in the shower and wash your body and hands.”

Deavan concluded, “Ever since I moved to Korea it made me realize the lack of personal hygiene and care in America.  So stop freaking out and go wash your hair you haven’t washed in  days.  Anyways stay safe.”


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Perhaps Deavan has also learned that a child sporting a dirty diaper should not be sitting next to a plate of food on the kitchen counter.  Just in the spirit of good hygiene.


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