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Lawyer For Tiger King Star Carole Baskin’s Late Husband Wants To Work With Cops On Cold Case About Murder; Says He Would Invite Cops Over For A Beer

We’re back with another developing story coming out of the Netflix documentary Tiger King. It’s like the crazy train has left the station and the next stop is Carole Baskin’s front porch. Since the docuseries came out, there has been so many theories and speculation about whether or not Carole killed her multi-millionaire husband, Don Lewis. Carole claims that he disappeared one day and probably just moseyed on down to Costa Rica to never return. Joe Exotic (and pretty much everyone else) alleges that she killed him and fed him to her big cats.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say Carole probably isn’t telling the whole truth. For starters, she has crazy eyes. Anyone can see that. But seriously, she talked about how to get a tiger to eat a human. She remarked, “Just cover them in sardine oil or something they want to eat, should do the trick.” Ermmm, ok then!

Let’s face it, we aren’t the only ones thinking Carole might have offed Don when the relationship went sour. She  just so happened to cut everyone out of his will right before he disappeared. It’s definitely worth looking into for that sardine comment alone.

One such person who thinks Carole’s role in Don’s death should be looked at more closely is Don’s former attorney, Joe Fritz. He recently told TMZ that he’s ecstatic the Hillsborough County Sheriff in Florida is looking into Don’s disappearance thanks to the Tiger King documentary.

The more attention the case gets, the better chance Don’s murder could be solved. Joe Fritz hasn’t been contacted by police yet. But, if they do reach out, he says, “I would bring them in my home in a heartbeat and offer them a beer.”


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Those who have watched or read about the series know that Don disappeared after years of reported turmoil in his marriage to Carole. After cutting everyone out of his will, clearing the way for her to inherit millions, Carole had Don declared legally dead five years after he disappeared.

While she has denied any wrongdoing, Joe Fritz isn’t so sure. He wants the truth for his client and personal friend. He said he isn’t looking for personal closure, but he wants justice to be served for Don.


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As for the Tiger King documentary, Joe Fritz says he thought the series did a good job telling the story of big cat people. However, he wishes it would have spent more time diving into Don’s disappearance. He also claims that there is more of a story behind Don’s multi-million dollar life insurance policy. The lawyer hopes that aspect will be revealed in the new investigation. I think we would all be interested in seeing that.


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