Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

After watching a explosive season of Married At First Sight, we finally have the update we have all been waiting for.  This season we watched the highs and lows of five couples on a journey to find love. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait to see what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. On decision day, only two couples decided to remain married. It’s been five months since the cameras have left. It’s time to find out has anything changed. Get your drinks ready because there are sex, lies and arrests to discuss at this shocking reunion. This reunion was even more entertaining than the entire season.

After decision day, the five couples who got married at first sight finally reunite. Viewers get to look back on the good times and the hard times throughout the season with the participants. We will also get additional insight on the ups and downs of their marriages find out whether they are still married. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

When we last saw Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad they were deciding to stay married on decision day, much to the dismay of many viewers. Katie, a.k.a. the dream crusher was on the fence, but ultimately decided that she wanted to work on things with her husband. Most thought, Derek was too good to be with a woman who belittled him the entire season to anyone who would listen. Fast forward to today, they acknowledge once the cameras left they didn’t have much time for one another. Katie felt Derek went back to living his single lifestyle, by staying out late and not keeping her up to date on his schedule. When she told him that he was no longer trying to win her, Derek attempted to make positive changes in their relationship.  Katie on the other hand,says that she initiated sex and difficult conversations as a way to overcome their obstacles. Sounds to me like she just remained the same nagging b!%@#, we saw all season.

Thankfully, the two are no longer married. Yesssssssssssssss! Derek shares that Katie was so unhappy that they went from trying to be friends to moving to different bedrooms until they ultimately moved out of their shared apartment. When the host asked if Derek was heartbroken, he states “Katie made it really easy not to fall in love with her.” He also reveals that she cheated on him with the ex that she talked about constantly. In fact, he was told by cast members and other people that Katie also slept with him a few days after their honeymoon. Katie then begins insulting Derek reminding him they had no chemistry, which is ultimately what led to her decision to cheat and divorce.  Chile, please! I wonder when Derek will realize the only reason his wife said yes on decision day was for his health insurance. LOL! Katie, you deserve all the losers you continue to waste your time with. She had a chance with a nice guy and totally wasted her opportunity at a genuine relationship. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

Later, Katie is infuriated when she is told that cast members revealed that she slept with her ex at the honeymoon. Derek decides to protect the identity of those who told him and isn’t upset when none of them come forward when asked. He also reveals that Katie asked him to dinner a week before the reunion and threatened him about revealing information about her affair. Nonetheless, I hope her commitment phobic ex was worth sacrificing a relationship with a good guy. Sadly, I believe she knows that she made a huge mistake and that is why she is so mad. In another shocking twist, we learn Katie and Zach went on a date. Knowing how badly she looks, Katie quickly adds she went out with him before how she saw how he treated Mindy and she wouldn’t want someone like that. WTF! Katie is crazy and just a horrible human being. She and Zach seem perfect for one another.

Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

One of the more controversial couples of the season was Meka Jones and Michael Watson. It’s no secret that these two had struggles throughout their entire marriage due to his compulsive lying. I don’t know who Michael thought he was fooling.  His wife clearly isn’t stupid. Meka was a MATH major in college and an inch high private eye, when it came to him.  Did he really believe she couldn’t see through his ridiculous fairy tales? Even the host, Kevin Frazier calls him out about lying about being a yoga instructor. LMAO! Kevin said “You don’t look like any yoga instructor, I have ever seen.  In fact you looked like a beginner.” I almost spit out my wine, I was laughing so hard. Michael still refused to admit the truth, despite Meka sharing she called every studio and they all said he was NOT an instructor.

 Michael also found it hard to admit to hurting Meka with all of his crazy antics. He literally had to be shamed into feeling bad enough to apologize. Amazingly, Meka even apologizes for being too harsh at times. She regrets some of her behavior and wishes she could have been softer at times.  Although I agree that Meka did seem very rigid, I have to admit Michael probably would have driven me to my limit. His incessant lying about unnecessary things combined with insulting my intelligence daily would have driven me to drink or berate him too. I don’t know what woman in her right mind would deal with that type of behavior.


Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

The one redeeming couple of season, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd  sit down to discuss the season. Although they had a less exciting storyline, most viewers appreciated seeing a normal budding love story. Being the skeptic that I am, there were glimpses of troubled waters ever so often. Namely Jessica having issues with Austin’s work schedule and him not saying I love you for quite some time. Currently, the couple is still happily married and looking forward to getting a dog and a house in the near future. They also hope to have children one day when they are ready. Austin re-proposes to Jessica in a sweet gesture. This update comes as no surprise to anyone. I knew these two would be just fine in the end.


Mindy & Zach

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

Next on the hot seat are Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice. Let me chug my wine in order to be able to listen to this idiot, Zach talk in circles about nothing. I loved when Kevin calls him out about talking until nobody knows what he is talking about. The producers shade Zach by playing a montage of footage of him dancing around the subject, in his responses. Mindy shares that she has questioned whether her ex-husband was only on the show for publicity. After some direct prodding, Zach finally apologizes for his behavior. Sorry, but too little too late, especially when the host had to force him to apologize for his disgusting behavior. I love that Mindy seems so much more confident and poised after getting rid of hair for brains, Zach.

Mindy’s friend, Shannie makes a guest appearance to support her during the discussion about their ex friend Lindsay’s betrayal. Shannie reveals that she has proof Zach planned to visit Lindsay after the show and that he thought she was a better match for him. Mindy admits that she tried to give Lindsay an opportunity for her to apologize, but things didn’t work out. Since the show, they haven’t revived their friendship and it has affected their entire friend group. Zach has since contacted Lindsey, but claims it was a text meant for a client with the same name.  Insert side eye emoji. Mindy, leave Zach and Lindsay in the past, neither of them deserve you in their life.


Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin probably had one of the most tumultuous relationships of the season. They encountered everything from break ups, verbal altercations and fights with production on several occasions. At first, Brandon seemed to be the clear aggressor, but it quickly became apparent that Taylor wasn’t innocent either. After decision day, there was an incident at a bar where Brandon accuses Taylor of showing up where he was working with another man to start an argument and then pushing him. Taylor claims Brandon approached her friend and followed them when she attempted to leave. Both parties ended up getting arrested because it was unclear who was at fault. Both Brandon and Taylor both filed and were granted protective orders from each other. I have to admit, I am not buying Taylor’s story. I believe she brought the other guy to Brandon’s job in order to try to make him jealous. Her story just seemed like she was leaving out details. Let’s not forget how she cornered him in the bathroom at the retreat when he wanted to leave after cursing him out hours before.  I am not surprised in the least; both of them seem extremely immature and petty. Hopefully a day in jail will serve as a wakeup call for them to leave this toxic relationship alone.

Married At First Sight Recap- Season 10 Reunion

The entire cast is brought out to discuss their thoughts on the court proceedings. Everyone seemed to be genuinely concerned, but happy that they are no longer together. Michael is still friends with Brandon and thinks there is blame on both sides. He doesn’t believe Brandon was the one who initiated the altercation. Taylor was not happy that someone dared to challenge her story, but Michael didn’t take the bait and agreed to disagree. Production then plays a montage of all of Brandon’s worst moments for the cast to discuss. His only saving grace was Michael, who was the only who tried to give Brandon’s perspective, which I felt was a bit unfair. There is plenty of footage of Taylor being aggressive as well, which was not played, which is very intentional. I guess that is what happens when you piss off production!

Brandon should have appeared on video call, if only to tell his side of the story. Frustrated by the pressure, Michael storms out of the room. He got upset when Meka made negative comments on his defense of Brandon.  When Kevin comes to speak with Michael, he shares he is upset that he is being put in a position to defend and speak on someone else’s marriage. In this situation, I agree with Michael. It’s not his place to be Brandon’s spokesperson and they should have not put him in that position, especially not as the resident liar of the cast. Why they needed to dedicate over 30 minutes to the cast speaking about Brandon was a clear  setup agenda. If I hadn’t seen some of Taylor’s toxic behavior, I would have been fine with this situation. If you go back to my articles, I was very hard on Brandon for all of his antics, until Taylor revealed herself as well.


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