Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3 Recap: Celebrating a Decade of Friendship

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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We ended the season strong with the Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3! Last week, Dr. Alicia had to clean up Dr. Kema’s mess, and Sweet Tea and Dr. Heavenly made it known they were still on the outs. This week, Sweet Tea and Heavenly continued to battle, and Phaedra was in the hot seat again regarding the supposed four grand she asked for from Dr. G. Here’s everything you need to know about the Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3. 

The return of Apollo

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3
Photo by: Derek White/Bravo

We jumped right back into the action as Apollo joined the stage. Phaedra said she invited him because Toya kept asking questions about their relationship. Toya interjected and said she never came for her, she just wanted to get to know her. We learned that Apollo was in the same facility as Joe Giudice, but they didn’t swap any Real Housewives stories. Apollo is now remarried, and Phaedra wanted nothing to do with his new wife. However, she and Apollo are now in a good place. As Apollo said, “Time heals everything.”

Andy moved on to the group and asked Cecil about his comment Dr. G leveled up with Sweet Tea. He was very diplomatic and said he loved both women, but could see how happy he was with Sweet Tea. Quad admitted they were a good fit but stood by her comment that Sweet Tea was easily influenced by him. To which Sweet Tea then gave Quad the stink eye.

The four grand Phaedra supposedly asked Dr. G for came back up again. Dr. G told Phaedra she had brought that up to him when he was trying to shoot his shot. He joked he should have said he had the money because then they could have been together now. And then came more stink eye from Sweet Tea. They did agree they were not romantic but if anything were to happen in the future, her amount owed each month would surely be higher due to inflation.

Quad’s apology tour continued

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3
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Toya and Eugene’s relationship was on the table when Andy brought up the scene of them discussing if they would have dated in high school. Eugene claimed to be a winner in all things so it was obvious the answer was yes. Quad joked that Toya wasn’t interested when she thought he was a nurse, but once the word doctor was uttered she was all in. This was now her opening to apologize to Eugene for her accusations from last season. Quad apologized and Eugene graciously accepted. Will Toya, Eugene and Quad finally be able to move on next season?

Andy then did a mental health check with Dr. G. Was it awkward being around Quad? Dr. G gave a word salad response about trauma and toxicity. Quad jumped in and said she had felt the same way too, but he knew she was going to be on the show. Andy then asked him if he signed a prenup like Phaedra had advised, and Dr. G said no. He trusted his wife even though there was a clip where she admitted she was happy to have access to his money. Sweet Tea said they were in it for the long haul, and at least he took out the trash for her. Quad took a page from Kema’s book and said she had trained him well for Sweet Tea. 

Drama in Hilton Head

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3 recap
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It was time to talk about the couple’s trip to Hilton Head! But before Andy could get into it, Heavenly cut him off and told Dr. Simone she never felt she was malicious. She wanted to make it known going to Hilton Head was a trigger for Jackie. Heavenly added that Jackie should have spoken for herself. Simone then went from zero to 11 and told Heavenly she didn’t care what she thought. Alicia jumped in to criticize Simone, but Simone waved her off like she was an annoying fly. 

Jackie said she didn’t tell Heavenly what to do. Curtis piped in that the affair had happened seven years ago and they had already moved on. He knew it would be a topic of conversation with the group, which is why they hesitated to go. However, their drama took a back seat to Sweet Tea popping off on Jackie instead.

Sweet Tea explained she felt hazed by the group and didn’t have any support regarding her relationship. So, she didn’t feel the need to support Jackie, which is why she went off on her. According to Andy, Jackie handled Sweet Tea with a shady church stare. The men all laughed as they knew that look well.  

Andy asked Toya how she felt regarding Kema’s relationship views. Toya also took the diplomatic approach and said she had no issues as long as it worked for them. Alicia then tried to cause drama by saying she never complained about her husband’s penis size. Eugene joked he should whip it out right now to settle the matter. And that was a good time for a break in the action!

Sweet Tea vs Heavenly, Round 3

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3
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Andy noted the group had survived major crossroads over the years in their relationships and friendships. Simone shared she and Cecil almost got divorced, but stayed together because of this group of friends. Curtis had wished his affair hadn’t been shared on-camera, but he hoped everyone learned you can screw up and make it through. Phaedra added this show had genuine friendships and she was happy to be a part of it. 

Sweet Tea and Heavenly then got into it again for the umpteenth time when Andy brought up Heavenly’s infamous copper digger comment. Dr. G took it in stride and said he had plenty of copper pipes for Sweet Tea. Andy wondered if there was hope for her and Heavenly. Heavenly said there’s always hope, but Sweet Tea immediately shut it down.

The two then got into a match of who could use the F-word the most. Sweet Tea was upset with Heavenly’s tweets about her. Heavenly then threw Jackie in the mix and said she would take care of Sweet Tea for her. If Jackie had been checked out during the reunion she for sure was awake now!

Cheers to 10 fabulous years!

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 3
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The men had left the stage and it was time for a shady montage. Andy recapped several shady moments from the show: Sweet Tea’s wedding dress fitting, Phaedra’s resurrection event, Phaedra’s furniture choices, and Dr. G’s age. Sweet Tea wasn’t thrilled with all the shade about her small bootie, but Phaedra said it was cute.

Toya didn’t mind Phaedra’s tennis expert dig, she reasoned Phaedra didn’t know her that well yet. Heavenly was confused about Phaedra’s furniture style, and Phaedra informed her it’s called transitional glamour. She said she traveled the world and didn’t expect Heavenly to understand the pieces she liked. And the shade continued!

Toya won big as the ladies picked wine over brown liquor to toast to their ten years on the show. Heavenly was thankful she and Toya were in a good place, and Simone had love for her OG’s. Sweet Tea and Alicia were appreciative over the connections they made with the group, and Phaedra had a great experience continuing her domination of the Bravo network. Quad promised to be a better friend and hoped she could get back to the way things were. The ladies then cheered to a wonderful 10 years and to many more. Cheers ladies!

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