Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1 Recap: Turning Sour Grapes Into Fine Wine

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1 recap
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The time has finally arrived for the Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1! Last week, Dr. Heavenly called out Toya for not financially contributing to the med gala, and Quad crashed her final party of the season. This week, the group reunited to determine if Phaedra tells the truth, and if Quad could finally give a genuine apology. Here’s everything you need to know about the Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1. 

Traitor or faithful?

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1
Photo by: Derek White/Bravo

Andy made his rounds saying “hi” to all the ladies during the pregame show. Sweet Tea made it known she was coming for Heavenly because she had been talking smack about her on social media. Interestingly, Dr. Alicia was Team Tea. As Quad marveled at her cast picture, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie were still upset about her lack of friendship. Phaedra joked she was about to put everyone in the grave. And with that, everyone wandered off to the wine country themed set to get the party started!

Phaedra was up first in the hot seat. She noted MTM was different from the Real Housewives because these ladies emphasized staying married. Still, the drama just the same. Quad felt Phaedra ditched her for the group once things got heated. Phaedra denied it, but added, “Why would I attach myself to the Titanic?” Indeed.

Next came a game of “guilty or not guilty.” Andy asked the group if they thought Phaedra was messy to bring Quad to the pamper party. Guilty! Did Phaedra ask Dr. G for four thousand a month? Guilty! Did she purposefully misstyle Heavenly at Dr. Damon’s mixer event? Guilty!

It was a tough crowd, but Phaedra figured this was good practice for The Traitors. She cooly denied all charges, and then asked if someone could pass the smoked salmon. 

Heavenly and Quad then had a tit for tat as to who dragged Phaedra the most. It started when Phaedra told Quad she wasn’t happy with the way she handled the resurrection event. Quad then went to Heavenly to talk about Phaedra, and then Heavenly jumped in to complain. In the end, Phaedra was willing to provide some Reiki healing on her relationship with Quad just as long as she stopped talking about her behind her back. 

Toya had a renaissance 

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1 recap
Photo by: Derek White/Bravo

Last season, things didn’t end so well with Toya. Andy noted this year she was able to turn sour grapes into fine wine. Things were finally on the up and up for her and Dr. Eugene, and she kicked started her business, Toya’s wine club. But Simone felt Toya was wearing rosé wine colored glasses, and there was still work to do with Eugene. She felt Toya had a lack of appreciation for Eugene, and advised to lay off the criticism. To which Toya responded, he knew what he signed up for!

Then there was the controversy with Toya’s wine donation to the med gala. The group was asked to financially contribute, but Toya decided to procure wine from KJ instead. This set Heavenly off and she called her out in front of everyone at the party. Heavenly admitted it wasn’t a great move on her part but stood by it. Toya also stood by her decision. She said the wine was free, but she was only allowed so much a year. The group wasn’t buying it but Toya didn’t mind. Toya had her renaissance and was loving life. 

Jackie avoided cancelation

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1
Photo by: Derek White/Bravo

Jackie had a busy work life this season. She cared for a preggers Da Brat, and had awkward conversations with patients when she diagnosed them with STDs. Jackie joked it was like being on Jerry Springer. She also got to work with Vice President Kamala Harris to bring awareness to maternity mortality. However, the good news was almost washed away when an old YouTube clip surfaced.

Back in 2020, Jackie was on Heavenly’s YouTube channel and said African American women weren’t taken seriously at the doctor’s office because they cry wolf. That did not sit well with fans. Jackie was remorseful for her words and thankful for all the support she received from the group. Which was everyone but Quad. 

Quad admitted she did support Jackie because she knew what it was like to have a group of people against you. Andy caught the hint. He told Quad the group didn’t feel she had showed up for them as a friend. But that was to be discussed later. Jackie ended her segment by emphasizing she cared for all her patients. Hopefully, Jackie can take a page out of Toya’s book and turn sour grapes into fine wine too.

Quad apologized without popping out of a casket

Married to Medicine Season 10 Reunion, Part 1
Photo by: Phylicia J. L. Munn/Bravo

Unfortunately for Quad, her numerous apologies weren’t accepted by the group. Mainly because they included theatrics such as popping out of a casket at the resurrection event. It was must see TV, but didn’t ring true. This then lead them to make the Mean Girls decision to send Quad back home from the Napa trip. As Quad said, “So quick do we flip.”

This lead Quad to finally give a genuine apology to Toya. Toya felt it was convenient timing, but accepted it. Maybe there is hope for those two yet! Toya was hurt that Quad said she was there to support her on the Napa trip, but then admitted she was only there for the check. Quad said she changed her tune because she felt the ladies didn’t want here there.

Then Heavenly dropped the bomb that the group had thought Quad might have been the one to resurface Jackie’s interview clip. Oop! Quad denied it when she spoke with Heavenly. And that was when Heavenly advised her not to reach out to Jackie just yet.

This wasn’t good enough for Simone though. She got really heated that she had reached out to Quad numerous times but Quad never did the same. It was Quad’s understanding that Simone never had a problem with her, but supported Toya who did. Simone denied that, but Heavenly backed Quad up. 

Andy then broke the group for lunch. Quad stayed behind with Jackie to clear the air. She tearfully admitted she had nothing to do with sharing the social media video. Jackie said she was in a dark place, which is why she believed it was possible. Will Jackie and Quad be able to make amends? We’ll have to find out next week!

The Married to Medicine Season 10 reunion continues Sunday, March 10, at 9/8c on Bravo.