90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

90 Day Fiance The Other Way is back!!!! This season, there are four new couples and two well-known train wrecks have returned. They definitely took the naive, crazy, and entitled and mixed them all together into one big ball of confusion. Just from watching the trailer, I have seen everything I need to see to confirm that I will be tuning in every week to see this shit show unfold. Join me every week watching these poor unfortunate souls beg fight for love.

Brittany learns Yazan’s family wants them married immediately, but she’s hiding a big secret. Jenny tells her daughters she’s returning to India yet again. Kenneth sells his house to be with his love. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Brittany, 26 (Palm Beach, Florida) and Yazan, 24 (Jordan)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Brittany and Yazan knew it was love at first sight after meeting over video chat through Yazan’s sister, who was her neighbor. After speaking for four weeks, he asked her to visit and proposed within a week. Brittany is moving to Jordan, but there are many things that may stand in the way. Yazan is a devout Muslim and Brittany believes she is too independent and has no plans to convert to Islam.

This wannabe “rapper” and model’s provocative nature may serve as an issue for his conservative family.  Yazan’s family won’t allow them to move in together until they are married. Brittany has been trying to push back the wedding because she has been hiding a secret that could ruin everything.


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Brittany is completely delusional. It’s like she has no concept of her fiance’s culture and beliefs. We learn the reason she is pushing off the wedding is because SHE IS CURRENTLY MARRIED. Her husband was deported after only four months of marriage.  She is desperately trying to get a divorce, before Yazan finds out. SMH… This has disaster written all over it.

When she speaks to a lawyer she discovers it could take 6 to 10 months to finalize a divorce. Brittany, you may want to admit the truth before you travel to Jordan. If things go badly, the last place I would want to be is in a foreign country without any support. The red flags are just waving furiously in the wind. I would be shocked if this couple can survive despite all of their differences and issues.


Jenny, 60 (Palm Springs, California) & Sumit, 30 (India)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Last season, Jenny was forced to leave India with a broken heart after finding out Sumit was already in an arranged marriage.  Currently, she is living out of a suitcase on her daughter’s couch. Poor Jenny gave up all of her worldly possessions for a man that may never be able to commit to her. After uprooting her life once for Sumit, she has decided to return to India for love. Sumit claims he and his wife have agreed to a mutual divorce. Despite the divorce not being finalized and not seeing any evidence to support this, Jenny is determined to go back to him.

Jenny video chats with Sumit to get an update on his divorce. Apparently, Sumit has to appear in court about charges his wife filed accusing him of hurting her during their marriage. Supposedly, the charges were supposed to be dropped when they agreed to a mutual divorce. Despite his history of lying, Sumit vows to be completely honest moving forward. Clearly, Jenny isn’t so sure about that. During call, she asks him to prove his parents are aware she is returning to India. Of course Sumit does not produce his parents. It’s unclear if this is because they don’t accept their relationship or he has been caught in another lie.


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Sumit meets with friends to discuss Jenny’s pending arrival. He reveals that his father-in-law demanded that he repay the $20,000 he paid for their wedding before agreeing to the divorce. Sumit claims that his father has already helped him pay half of that bill. His friends doubt if he is telling the truth, since it is no secret his parents don’t support his relationship with Jenny.

Jenny meets with her lawyer to see if she can file for early retirement from social security. Despite the 30% penalty, she still wants to take the risk to help support herself and Sumit. SMH! After all of this time, Sumit still hasn’t found a job? Jenny has learned nothing after returning to the U.S to sleep on the couch with only $2,000 of her life savings.


Kenneth, 57 (St. Petersburg, Florida) and Armando 31, (Mexico)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

After meeting through a gay father’s support group, Kenneth and Armando had an undeniable bond. Despite their 26-year age difference, the two decided to embark on a new life together. Kenneth is leaving everything he knows behind, including his four adult children and grandson to move to Mexico with Armando and his young daughter.

Kenneth has an emotional conversation with his daughter who currently lives with him. She feels abandoned by her father, who is the main support system for her and her three-year-old son. Despite his desire to find happiness, he feels guilty leaving his close-knit family behind. Armando’s family is not accepting of his sexuality and because of this; he has yet to tell them about Kenneth. Armando was married and before she passed away in an accident, he came out to her.  When she told his parents they refused to accept it. Armando is extremely nervous to not only broach the subject again, but to also reveal he plans to move.


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Armando comes out to his sister again, in hopes she can be a source of support when he talks to his parents. Four years ago she said some very hurtful things that made him not want to live. Armando hasn’t brought up the subject since, with anyone in his family.

His sister says she found it hard to accept because he was married to a woman and feels he “played with their minds.” This time although she is very emotional, their conversation goes very differently. She understands and asks for her brother’s forgiveness. He accepts, adding he will be leaving in two weeks to live with Kenneth. The two embrace and now Armando has to find the strength to eventually face his parents. Out of all of the couples this season, I find this one the most heartwarming. I think if anyone’s relationship survives, it will be this one.


Ariela, 28 (Princeton, New Jersey) and Biniyam, 29 (Ethiopia)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ariela is a recent divorcee who fell in love again rather quickly and unexpectedly. While on a soul-searching trip, she met Biniyam in Ethiopia and ended up staying for months. Before returning to America, she found out that she was pregnant. She has decided to move back to Ethiopia for the birth of their baby so that Biniyam can be present.

Her only concern is the living conditions and healthcare system where she will give birth, since it is vastly different than the United States. Naturally, she is nervous about her delivery, given there is also a language barrier as well.


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Ariela goes for what will be her last doctor’s appointment before she moves to Ethiopia. When she reveals her plan to deliver the baby in another country, the doctor is genuinely concerned. Her mother who is an emergency and trauma nurse has decided to travel with her to check out the hospitals to determine if she is comfortable with their level of care. Ariela definitely isn’t afraid to take risks. Biniyam may have had to watch the birth via video, if it was me.


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